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Date of birth486 AV (aged 37)
Place of birthSunberth
Assassin Dagger16
Gnosis marks

Darian Silus (Alias Craevan) is a Human, and a solitary survivor on the streets of Sunberth willing to do whatever it takes to elevate himself from the muck of common rabble he finds himself surrounded by.


Physical description

Standing about at six feet tall, with a slim athletic body he would cut quite the imposing figure. He studiously exercises, to keep his toned figure, and practices with the sword often, keeping up with regimen from a previous trainer, to be always prepared and to plan for future exploits. His thick black hair now more patchy and singed in someplaces along with his once unmarred skin has much changed now after a latest clash that left him covered head to toe in pot marked scarring, and patches of white burned flesh. Now with this, he tends to keep very covered up always to avoid attracting attention with the gruesome scars that cover his his face and body.


Darian is a creature of precision, his every movement and action done with care and patience. He works towards a singular goal, though just what that goal might be at the time is the cause for much speculation amongst his peers. His earlier associates always thought that it was power the young killer was after, but in truth power holds no interest to him, at least not power over others. The strength of his form and ability to defend himself has always been a slight obsession to him however, and even in youth as a carver's assistant he worked meticulously on honing his muscles to the finely toned shape that would see him well equipped to survive the streets of Sunberth when he would be unexpectedly left an orphan years later due to an unfortunate circumstance.

What is known about him is that he is a cutthroat business man, and doesn't much like it when he finds his true name known by more than a select few people he has confided in over the years. People tend to die when that happens, and Darian isn't above killing his partners families should their tongues prove too loose. His doctrine is simple, his mission overreaching. He believes he is beyond redemption but unconsciously he constantly strives for it, making him softer than he'd like to admit at times, and downright deadly others. Many lives have been snuffed out by his blade, and are written clearly on the notches of his blade, free for his enemies and allies alike to read, though both parties have each had their place at the end of his sword at one time or another. No one is beyond his ire, this is a fact, though he is smarter than think he can make his existence alone without the help of anyone so in his own blunt way he has came about to make some quite powerful friends that he knows can hold their own alongside them should the time come to do what must be done.

For Darian, there is only one end result he desires to see happen on the streets of Sunberth, and the only way of going about that is to make himself stronger than those who would name him enemy, and send them beyond this realm with a flick of his blade. That time is still yet far, but it gets closer with every passing day and woe to those who get in his way when that day comes for the streets will be bathed in blood when Darian comes looking for them who stole his peace.

Early Life of Woe

Just before his sixteenth birthday, Darian lost both of his parents, the pair chopped into pieces and found within the early hours of the morning. Their killer was the love of his life, a woman who dipped out of the shadows only to paralyze him with a poisoned blade, and say her goodbyes before leaving. It is something that had certainly shaped him into the cold, calculating killer he finds himself currently, but it was not the straw that tipped the balance from a wholesome young shadow pad into a skillful killer.

Tragedy Strikes Again

Adopted by his uncle, he found himself in a life much different from his old one, but the protection his uncle, bodyguard, and friend offered allowed him time to heal mentally, or so he thought. His uncle was an abusive man, and as was the bodyguard, regularly beating the child up till he could barely stand but through it all he had met a woman that kept him going, and became yet another that he confided completely in. That all changed when he found himself a man of twenty winters, tied up and forced to hear how his relationship had been a complete lie. Was it not for another betrayal then, it would have been where Darian had died, but as it was the bodyguard who was also the lover of the woman he so cherished decided that it was time to try and kill his employer, Darian's uncle. During the battle between the pair, Darian managed to shake loose of his bonds and grab section of sharp wood which he quickly put to work when he stabbed the hired guard through the neck, grabbing the man's shortsword in the same movement and running his uncle through with it. To the fair maiden who had caused all the troubles, he hanged her, and burned the house down after he made sure all three of them where dead. It would be the first time he'd find himself on his own, and just the start of his bloody history.

Living life the only way possible

For a few short years the young killer traveled, practicing the ancient art of bringing power out of death, and killing his share of young women foolishly enamored with him, along with men who tried to bend him into servitude. He was proud and headstrong at the start of those years, but it left him with a tempered, and calculating. His temper still got away from him from time to time, but when he returned to the cobbled streets of Sunberth, he found himself well suited for the trials found on its dark streets until he met a ethaefal that drew him into an unprecedented rage. In a battle of his sword against the man's magic, Darian found himself on the losing end of the conflict, left bloodied, and burned to near death in a unremarkable alley when he found himself saved by a mysterious konti slave and a sadistic doctor.

Consorting with Eyes in the Night

His search for the konti who had saved him seemed to be an un-troubling sort at the start, but when a simple errand plunged him into a plot of murder and intrigue, and found him face to face with the infamous leader of the Nighteyes, Crow. Once more, Darian knows a master, and so caught in his foolish errand, and chase he has found himself in a web he can not so easily get out of.

Soldiering through the strange

When mists descended upon the city, Darian found himself in the middle of yet another personal errand furthering his own goals, a errand which left him beaten up, bloodied, and soaked in piss all for the sake of delivering a message. It was there he met two powerful friends of his, and another he despised, though through unfortunate circumstance found himself having to work with the nuit all the same.

Disquieting occurrences

On search for one of Callik's hired hands that had yet to report back, Darian finds the man in a manner he didn't quite expect.

Important People/Acquaintances

Antar Noth


Eryss Waldu

Shai Nerium

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