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Doctor Gaius Alzelin

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Doctor Gaius Alzelin

Doctor Gaius Azelin
Date of birth472 AV (aged 51)
Place of birthZeltiva
TitleHead of VDR

Doctor Gaius Azelin is one of the head researchers beneath Amanda Nitrozian at the Kelvic Research Institution working in Virus and Disease Research (VDR). He primarily oversees the study of kelvic illnesses, though he has dabbled in other fields of research, and is often the attending physician in any case in which one of the KRI's kelvics become sick. The flip side of his research is that he is often the one who makes those kelvics sick, exposing them to various illnesses in an attempt to learn how they are affected in comparison to how a real animal might be affected.

Gaius is not a cruel man, per se, though some of the things he puts his patients through might be considered cruel by many. Exposing someone to the flu has never really been seen as an act of kindness, but the things he learns from witnessing its effects often prove beneficial to the rest of the kelvics in the institute as a whole. Gaius is rather eccentric when he is not with a patient, has a sarcastic sense of humor, and enjoys playing pranks on his underlings. When working, however, he does so with a single-minded determinedness matched by few of his peers. He is extremely dedicated to his research, though his reasons seem to be his own, and his discoveries are often noteworthy.

Gaius is not marked by any god or goddess, and while he maintains a loyalty to Rhysol, most believe it is purely because it is beneficial for him to do so. The man was not born in Ravok, having studied in Zeltiva for many years of his life, but was among the first to come and work at the Institute after it opened. Despite his knack for medicine, he has not been blessed with Rak'keli's mark either, probably because of his tendency to infect his patients with illnesses just to see how they will die.