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Drakal Skyglow

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Drakal Skyglow

Snowy Tattooist
Date of birth484 AV (aged 39)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitleTattooist of Avanthal
Gnosis marks



Drakal stands at about five feet and five inches tall. He weighs 150 pounds, and has olive colored skin. He has deep blue eyes, the color of the purest of sapphires, with a touch of violet, just around the edges. Although they seem just like any other set of eyes on first inspection, one would find that the longer Drakal stares at them, the more and more it seems that he is looking into your soul. Especially when they change colors with his moods. His face is that of an oval, with high cheek bones. His face is framed by short black hair, with the occasional sapphire blue and purple streak, which matches his eyes. For a man, Drakal's facial features are rather delicate, his lips a pale pink, the shape of a bow. His nose, somewhat long and pointy, the only thing that doesn't seem to sink into the center of his face.

Drakal is relatively thin, and appears as such. He has long, slender arms, which lead into hands with a large palm, with long, relatively slender fingers; perfect for playing music or drawing. The rest of his body is a little fuller looking, although his stomach is relatively flat. His legs are rather long, although they make up about the same portion of his body as his torso, which is covered in a massive tattoo, which looks slightly different to anyone who looks at it. Some say it appears to be a woman, with vines growing out of her head, others say it is simply a tree, others say it is lightning headed towards some sort of figure. Drakal never seems to explain what it is, simply that it wasn't the best tattoo that he has ever gotten, and that it is something he intends on fixing when he has the time.


Drakal is a very social being, who may almost always be found with a smile upon his face, talking to a potential customer, or whoever else may head his way. He spends most of his time in his Hold, partially because the cold seems to effect him far more quickly than most Vantha, and partially because he works out of his Hold, designing tattoos, and drawing them on other people. Thus, when he is not busy, he may often be found designing new tattoos, or playing guitar if he is having a particularly slow day, devoid of inspiration or the proper art supplies.

To most, Drakal is simply known as the "guy who gives you the cool tattoos." However, to those who know him a little more intimately, he is one of the sweetest and easiest men to talk to. Always willing to listen to your problems, and help you find a solution for them. However, since he seldomly leaves his Hold, and because of his wife, Faycia Skyglow's nature, he is also considered to be somewhat naive. However, he is more than aware of the fact that Faycia flirts with other men, and has not been true to him, not only because some of his friends have told him, but because of the fact that he is a silent observer, and is far more aware of certain things than he lets on. However, for the most part, he has chosen not to confront his wife about the matter, not because he is ok with her infidelity, but because he wishes she'd stop, and is certain, somewhere inside of himself, that she will stop when she is ready to do so. On her own.


Drakal was born into the Skyglow Hold in 484 AV, and has lived there his entire life. As a small child, he took to drawing, and could oftentimes be found sitting out in the snow, or by a warm fire with a pencil or piece of charcoal in his right hand, and a sketchpad in his lap, practicing the use of separate mediums. For a long time, he drew picture after picture of Queen Morwen, idolizing her and everything she had given him and her people. Some would have went as far as to say that Drakal developed a sort of crush on her, until he reached the ripe old age of 12, and began to draw other things. Landscapes for example, forests of evergreen trees ripe with slender branches and deep green pine needles, nestled beneath a blanket of snow and the setting sun. Or the Frostfawn stables, sometimes with various people leading animals away. Polar bears with their riders...

As Drakal's father, Rehan Skyglow, took notice of his son's interest in art, and finally, when the boy was twelve and a half years of age, took him under his wing. Rehan began to instruct Drakal in the use of separate mediums such as pens, pencils with lead of varying darkness, pastels, and more, helping him to refine his art. As time wore on, Rehan taught him about proportions, and shading, bringing Drakal's work to the next level. Drakal studied art for several years, until he reached the age of 15, when his father told him that if he so chose, he could finally begin to learn how to draw on other people; creating intricate tattoos. It did not take long for Drakal to agree to this; for he wished to be just like his father; one of the best tattoo artists in all of Avanthal.

The very next day, Rehan set to work, teaching his son all about the art of tattooing. He taught his son how to clean the needle by holding it under a flame for several moments before letting it cool, and then setting to work. He taught his son how to draw on the flesh using a pen, so that the design could be marked off before making everything final with the use of ink. But most importantly, Rehan taught his son how to make black and grey ink from blackened soot or burned animal bones, gelatin, and water. Shortly thereafter, when Drakal was finally starting to get a hang of things, Rehan died suddenly of a heart attack. Drakal was only 17 at the time, and it hit him hard. For a long time, Drakal would not come out of his room. Instead, he'd sit inside drawing, or strumming a guitar, seemingly teaching himself as the Snowsongs were known to do. As he spent more and more time inside his room, Drakal grew better with each, and finally, began to come back out of his room a month or so later.

When Drakal turned 18, he met Faycia, and the two fell in love. They married soon thereafter, when Faycia had turned 16, and have lived together in the Skyglow Hold ever since. Drakal, for the most part, has never been happier, although the same may not be said about Faycia.


Due to the sudden death of his father, Drakal was left without a full education in tattooing. He can only make grey and black ink. Although he has tried to develop other colors that will take to the skin, he has always been met with failure. Even so, Drakal is a skilled artist and can design almost any tattoo, as long as you take the time to ask. As soon as you give him a picture of what you want, say the picture of a beautiful Konti on your arm, he will smile and tell you to come back to him in a few days. During that time, he will sketch out several examples of a tattoo in his book, and then show them to his customer when they return. (Unless of course they bring a drawing of what they would like their tattoo to be). Together, Drakal and his customer will pick out a tattoo, and then, a time for it to be set to the skin.

On the day of the inking, Drakal will have sterilized a particularly long needle in advance, by holding it under a small flame for several minutes to kill any germs. Then, he will set it out to cool until the customer arrives. He will have all the inks he would need out, (black and grey already prepared by himself), and other colors shipped in if he is running low. He will tell his customer to make themselves comfortable while he draws their tattoo on the desired area using a pen. After which time, he will ask his customer if they like it. If they do, he will begin to set the design into their skin. He will dip the end of the needle into the ink he is using, and then poke the needle repeatedly into the skin, on top of the pen design, until he has covered every bit of it. This may take several hours to do, or even several trips, depending on how intricate the tattoo is.

Drakal will charge more for a tattoo based off its size, intricacy, and how much color is used. Also, if you are a repeat customer, you may receive a discount. He is also, quite willing to negotiate, and has sometimes, been known to barter.