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Faycia Skyglow

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Faycia Skyglow

Date of birth486 AV (aged 37)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitleSkyglow Glassblower
Gnosis marks


Faycia stands at about five feet and a single inch tall. She weighs 115 pounds, and has almond colored skin. Her slender almond-shaped eyes, often lined by a black coal, tend to appear a golden yellow color, lined with a slender rim of ruby red. Her face is long and slender, with high cheek bones. It is framed by thin, wispy, straight black hair with the occasional dark green streak, which falls just below her shoulders. Her eyes are her most delicate feature, while Faycia's bright red lips and her nose seem to stick out of the center of her face.

Faycia is rather thin, and appears as such. She has long, slender arms, and tiny hands, each fit with five slender fingers. The rest of her body is a little fuller looking, although his stomach is relatively flat. Her legs are rather long, taking up a few more inches than her torso. To most, she appears far younger than her age; little more than a teenager.


Faycia is a rather sultry individual. Just the way she walks exudes her true nature as a seductress. The way her muscles ripple beneath her flesh with each step, the way the folds of her clothes twirl around her feet, and how she practically pouts as she eyes most men up and down. She is obviously checking them out, despite the fact that she is married to Drakal Skyglow. It is difficult to say why the girl flirts with so many men, for she never so much as begins to mention why. Perhaps it's simply her nature, or perhaps it is something else, like a lack of satisfaction with her marriage.

When she is not busy flirting with all the men that inhabit Avantal, Faycia can often be found at her work; glassblowing. She often makes vases of varying shapes and colors, although she tends to favor purples and greens. Faycia pays close attention to the detail within each piece of glass; everything she makes. She will often work for hours on end, should she not be distracted by someone who just so happens to catch her eye, in which case, all bets are off. Her work will go unfinished until another day.


Faycia was born into the Skyglow Hold in 486 AV, and has lived there her entire life. As a small child, she took to painting, and could oftentimes be found sitting sitting cross-legged on her bed with a canvas resting across her knees, and a paintbrush poised in her left hand. She would only use black paint, and would often create elaborate outlines of various things- such as the inside of the Skyglow Hold, or even her friends and family, but her personal favorite was drawing shadows. Long shadows; slender shadows, things that seemed to fade into the light, or perhaps even the darkness, the girl was simply fascinated with the things.

At the age of 14, Faycia's mother told her that she had wasted more than enough time on her artwork, and that it was now time for her to take up a "proper craft," like her. At first, Faycia was disheartened because she didn't want to take up glassblowing like her mother. She didn't want to come home coughing, or covered in soot or yet another burn. She would much prefer to inhale paint fumes, and have that stain her hands, but her mother would hear nothing of it. Thus, Faycia became her mother's depressed apprentice. She spent several years under her mother's wing, learning how to burn and shape glass. How to dye them separate colors, add tiny details, and fix your mistakes if anything should go wrong. She was taught how to remain safe around the furnace, and how to keep it going for extended periods of time; how to light it on her own.

For a long time, Faycia hated every single moment, until one day when she was about 15, at which point she finally realized that glassblowing was a sort of art form. Yes, it was unlike painting in many ways, but it was still a way for her to express herself, and make beautiful things that would bring other people happiness.

Several months after her realization, Faycia met Drakal for the first time, when he came to ask her to create a customized vase for his mother; as a birthday present. Faycia kindly obliged, and finished Drakal's task within a few days. The boy was happy with her work, and often came back to the forge to visit her; spending endless amounts of time distracting Faycia from her work, and discussing his life. By the time Faycia had turned sixteen, they had fallen hopelessly in love, and married shortly thereafter. Everything seemed perfect for quite some time, until Faycia got a little older. By the time she turned nineteen, Faycia became dissatisfied with her marriage; angry with the amount of time Drakal spent in the Hold, working, and away from her. Thus, she began to look for affection elsewhere, and from many different men, but none of it ever satisfied her hunger; her lust.

In a sad twist of fate, Faycia Skyglow was found murdered on the 55th day of Winter 512 AV.