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Drunken Fish

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The Drunken Fish is a tavern in Sunberth that primarily caters to sailors and dock workers.


The Drunken Fish caters to Sailors and Dock Workers alike, housing pirates and privateers together in one place where they can get drunk and hack each other to pieces. Various other scum make patronage at the Fish, most of them merchants or slavers from the nearby market places. While not much different than the Pig's Foot, the Fish differs in its clientèle and the fact that it is almost barren of locals, filled with foreigners and the sea rats that falsely claim Sunberth as their home.

The tavern is a three story monstrosity right off of "The Gangplank" Pier. The first floor is a wide, expansive common room with a large bar, several tables, and various 'private' rooms cut off from the main patrons. Several slaves work the tables as bar maids and the tenders switch out on shifts of six bells, or whenever they're too wounded to work. The second floor is very much the same thing only the room sits in a loft style, with more tables and 'upscale' areas spread around the main floor as a balcony. The common sleeping rooms are also on this floor for the cheaper patrons or for crews to sleep together. The third and final floor is for private rooms and the more lewd services that the Fish offers, cheap whores and unbroken slaves. There is even a large suite, but that is on semi-permanent rent from Captain Dullos.

The Fish's main purpose acts as a recruiting den for enterprising "Privateers". Although they are under the close scrutiny of Captain Dullos, the people of Sunberth rarely allow her to interfere so while the hiring Captains make the process of their employment look official, most of it is word-of-mouth and very few men sign any real sort of contract. Because of the deception the Fish has developed "Sign Up" Sheets for certain vessels, those of which willing sailors make their mark and report to the ship in question the day posted, where the Captain will take attendance and set off with whoever showed up. Strangely, in their effort to circumnavigate Dullos, the "privateers" have found her useful for keeping tabs on their crewmen.


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