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Dusk House

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Dusk House

Dusk Tower Insignia

Dating since before the Valterrian, the Dusk House is one of the three original Lhavitian families hailing from the western hemisphere of Mizahar. The members of this family were once known as shamans, being gifted in the art of Auristics and Spiritism, but over the years, their inherit Spiritism was replaced entirely by Auristics and soon after, various styles of weaponry.

The Dusk are known to be level-headed, passive individuals who enjoy a good sense of humor. They get along well with members of the Dawn family, and occasionally have their differences with the Twilight. They, do, however, enforce strict rules under their property, and are not above intimidation or swift punishment. Their heavy use of Auristics have made these people very informative of those around them, and are often sought for in terms of guidance.


Today the Dusk House are famed for their creative tea recipes, and are the prime sponsors of establishments that offer tea in Lhavit. They have also since opened their doors to the instruction of Auristics, and have an avid hand in the going-ons of the Council of Towers, with Ald'gare Dusk as the representative. Members of the Dusk Tower are usually regarded with respect, and are well-liked due to their upbeat personalities and bright humor. They are a wealthy family, and occasionally contribute to various individual's needs depending on the necessity.

Notable Members

Al'garto Dusk - Former Patriarch, father of Ald'gare, Yuo'ta and Da'tani, famed Aurist. (Deceased)

Kiera Dusk - Wife to Al'garto, was an expert tea-brewer, mother to Ald'gare, Yuo'ta and Da'tani. (Deceased)

Ald'gare Dusk - Current Patriarch.

Yuo'ta Dusk - Ald'gare's younger sister by four years, instructor in Auristics.

Da'tani Dusk - Ald'gare's younger brother by eight years, experienced tea-brewer.

Chiona Dusk - Ald'gare's eldest daughter, instructor in Auristics.