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Dust Flower

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Image:Scroll2.png M'husband got me a bunch'a flowers yesterday. Then I realised they were bloody Dust Flowers. Kicked the Bastard out right there and then, I did.
- Unknown
Dust Flower
FrequencyCommon only in the Dust Bed
Major featuresGlow in the dark pedals and sap
AbilitiesThick pollen can cause choking
Most common inSunberth, Dust Bed
Skills RequiredHerbalism lvl 1 to Identify lvl 3 to collect sap

Found only in the Dust Bed, the Dust Flower (also named the 'Grave Flower') is one of the many oddities that exist within Sunberth. By day, the flower looks no different to a standard wild flower: pale petals, a dark brown stigma, green leaves. At night, however, the appearance of the Dust Flower changes dramatically. The petals take on an eerie green luminescence, the leaves and stem becoming sickly black. It is also during the nighttime that the flower releases its pollen, which also glows in the dark and, if inhaled in any quantity, becomes thick and choking. Though the pollen has the potential to be deadly, the sap of the Dust Flower can be used to dye clothes to give a similar (though less impressive) glow-in-the-dark effect.