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The Warden
Date of birth201 AV (aged 322)
Place of birthRavok
TitleWarden of the Black Hole
Weapon: Greatsword80
Weapon: Longsword65
Dual Wield50

The Warden of the Black Hole, known only as Ematho , is perhaps one of the least known of all the Druvin. Nobody knows when he was created, and even fewer know he even exists. Only those unfortunate enough to be sentenced to the Black Hole every meet the Warden, and even fewer survive to speak of it. Like most other Druvin, Ematho is tall and strong, standing at just over seven feet. His pale white eyes seem to bore into people's souls, and few can hold his gaze for long.

It is believed that before Ematho became the Warden he was a member of the Lazerin family and may even be the son of Lazerin himself, though these are only rumors and neither Druvin would go so far as to confirm or deny it. Ematho rarely leaves the Black Hole, though he can occasionally be found in the Temple of the Black Sun, and at times even wandering the docks. It is during these times that he is the most approachable, though few have ever mustered the courage to speak to him. Ematho is soft spoken, but cold and to the point.

Unlike other Druvin, Ematho is not a master of magic but of the sword. He carries an enchanted blade known as the Chaon, and also wields a pair of powerful Maledicted swords, the hilts of which were created from the bones of an unknown valterric.