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Druvin - Blood of Rhysol
Major featuresWhite eyes, unique birthmark
AbilitiesEnhanced Strength, Gnosis Marks
Most common inFound throughout Mizahar in shrines and churches of Rhysol
ReputationFeared and respected

The Druvin are rather unique beings who have transcended understood mortality and have become something more. Gifted with the blood of Rhysol, God of Evil, the Druvin appear much like any other member of their race with some obvious differences. Their eyes are solid white, much like that of their God. During a dark ritual attended by Rhysol himself, the Druvin are transformed beyond mortality when they sacrifice their souls and the blood of Rhysol is spilled upon their dying flesh. When this happens, their mind is subjected to the greatest sin the would-be Druvin has ever committed from their victim's perspective. If their mind survives, their body follows suit and they are forever changed. If they are unable to face their own mental and emotional demons and their mind fails, so will their body with death almost certain.

The newborn Druvin possess immense strength roughly four times that of other members of their race. They are marked with the third Gnosis Mark of Rhysol and are thus forever His. They are the embodiment of Rhysol's domain; chaotic, evil, liars and traitors. Their unpredictability and tendency to erupt in fits of rage are well-known by those who serve with them and such acts bring them respect and fear on the part of their peers.

The Druvin are leaders second only to The Voice in the The Black Sun, the religious order of Rhysol. While only a few dozen of these twisted individuals are known to exist, their influence spreads throughout Mizahar. They can be found in many aspects of society including politics, merchants, military forces, religious sects, the list goes on.

The lifespan of a Druvin is enhanced along with the rest of their physical existence. They live as long as they are useful to their God. Although capable of being killed in battle, the Druvin heal at a remarkable rate. The only known way of truly ridding the world of a Druvin is to tear out their heart and burn it in flames dedicated to Sylir, God of Peace and Civilization. Unfortunately, that God has been dead since the Valterrian. It is believed that the Syliran Knights are the only ones with the knowledge of how to kill a Druvin in a time where the only tie to Sylir is the Windoak.

Known Druvin