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Farren Frostfawn

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Farren Frostfawn

Wild Man of Avanthal
Date of birth485 AV (aged 38)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitleRare Animal Seller of Avanthal
Animal Husbandry57
Wilderness Survival50
Land Navigation40
Weaponry (Longsword)30
Gnosis marks

Physical Description

Farren is a bit short, even for a Vantha. He stands 5'6 and is quite embarrassed by the fact. He carries the dark hair of his race and he likes to keep it long. His hair seems to shine with a faint green color. His eyes change with his emotions just as all Vanthas do. Usually his eyes tend to be either green, yellow, or a very faint blue. His skin is tan, although not as tan as other's of his race. He often looks extremely unapproachable as well as a bit wild. Farren almost always wears completely black and if seen in any other colors they are usually darker shades.

Personality and Background

Farren is a man who does not like to make a lot of friends. He is a bit of a shady character and will not tell how he gets his rare animals. Farren was born to the Frostfawn Hold and was brought up quite well. He was a very happy kid until he found his mother ripped to shreds by a dire snow tiger. From that day on his sunny personality turned stone cold. He barely talked to people and he would often disappear into Northern Wastes for days on end just to be dragged home by Whitevine healers who went out into the wastes to look for herbs. He would never say why but every time the healers fixed him he would return to the wastes just to be dragged back a few weeks later. After some time he started to come back on his own, bringing wild animals with him completely tamed. No one knows how he does it. Some say he is secretly Kelvic. Some say he is blessed by Caiyha for all of his time in the wilderness. Only Daluna knows and she will not tell out of honor for Farren.

Farren is a bit scary to aproach. He is very antisocial and his shop is usually approached with caution. He sell the most rare animals that many Avanthal citizens only dream of taming. His animals have a good reputation though. He has never sold an animal that has hurt it's owner. Farren looks quite mean but he truly just in a lot of pain. He sells anything from Lemmings to bears. One just needs to ask about an animal and Farren will get it for you no questions asked by either party.

Due to Farren's ability to understand animals he tends to keep away from humans whenever he can. He also is the only person in Avanthal who refuses to wear fur. He finds it disrespectful to animals. He believes he is an servant of Caiyha although he does not advertise this thought. He believes Caiyha chose him for a reason and he strives to understand why she chose him to understand her world.

He is extremely introspective and prefers to think instead of speak. He can often be found talking to the animals of his shop but if asked about it he will simply answer "It helps them become tame". He would not dream of sharing his connection with other sentient beings.