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Overview and History

Image:Scroll2.png "There was something in the air, it tasted like rotting plants. And the ground, you could barely even see it! There was fungus everywhere, and always, insects so large the size of your hands! But there is much history here, much to be discovered that lie at the bottom of the deep."
- Staser Laos, Archeologist
Don't let the greenery fool you.

What can be said of natural locations that inevitably sprout up throughout the Wildlands? Such was the case with the Filrian Bog. Surviving since before the Valterrian, it was discovered by a group of Alahean’s adventurers and explorers, bent on discovering the mysteries and wonders of the world around them. Named after the leader of the group, Remian Filrian, the bog has retained much of what it was centuries ago, but had ultimately shrunk when the plates of the world shifted during the chaos rained down by Ivak.

Now the bog spans 50acres, with a myriad of carnivorous plants that have learned to adapt and survive amidst the dead, rotting corpses of various plants. The water is always brown, and the stench of the area quite pungent, however djed that swirled and converged around the area has made fungus unnaturally large. Tall toadstools and enormous flora block one’s path should they wish to traverse the area, and always the sounds of insects thrums in one’s ears. Often archeologists and scholars from Zeltiva and round the world travel to this area in an effort to uncover whatever ruins that may lie beneath, but always to no avail. The water is black and the amount of plants that block one's path is substantial. It would take a miracle to get past the amount of obstacles here to gain what many have sought for.


The Filrian Bog is located in the northern region of the Wildlands, not 10 days from the border of Taldera. It is accessible from the Kabrin Road, and is relatively close to Nyka and Ravok. But take heed, for many criminals and smugglers dispose of their victims in this bog, and the corpses are left to rot or become meals for the strange wildlife that live there.

Plant Life and Fungi

An example of a Qatil Karna. Don't touch it.

Many species of plants and Fungi grace the Filrian bog and add to its rather deceptively colorful and wild atmosphere. But these carrion plants are not so harmless in that respect. They should be approached with caution, although a majority of them have amazing curative properties or can induce hallucinations. They are generally quite enormous, thanks in part to the djed storms of the Valterrian, and can grow to a size two times that of a human male.


Most of the wildlife that make the Filrian Bog their home are insects and arachnids, and species of fish that have thrived off and adapted to the murky waters of the bog, but mammals and birds are not uncommon. The majority of them, and for some reason, the insects in their entirety, are effected by some form of Dirism. Lest the traveler forget that the wilds are not always what they seem.