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My Pain And Rage Destroyed The World
TitleThe World Destroyer
DomainFire & Volcanism & Emotional Upheaval
Divine rank2
SymbolsA Burning Flame
CultsThe Azenth
Worshipped inThroughout Mizahar

Ivak is probably the single most notorious God found in Mizahar. His sphere of influence encompasses both Volcanism and Emotional Upheaval, which would lead one to think he should be somewhat obscure. By comparison, Myri the Goddess of War or Dira the Goddess of Death should be more infamous. However, the entire world knows Ivak's name, because he is the god responsible for the Valterrian which destroyed the majority of the world's population and drove all sentient life underground for almost three hundred years to survive the ensuing cataclysm. Despite his nefarious reputation, though, Ivak is one of the most misunderstood deities that has ever lived. Rather than being the center of grief and pain - wide-eyed and destructive with rage - Ivak is instead something of a planetary caretaker for the whole world. Now that he has escaped from his secret prison, he and his followers, the Azenth, continue his important work.



Responsible for the rise and fall of mountains, the shifting of landmasses, and the lack of buildup of pressures both emotionally and physical, Ivak plays an important role in the world. Without his driving internal forces, the crusts of the world would not continuously drift, bumping and rubbing off one another and keeping the whole of the planet's crust broken up enough for life to exist. He presides over the balance of this pressure within the world, carefully maintaining or releasing it as required. The same can be said for his influence on emotions. Strong emotions that have built up over the course of time seek release. Ivak provides a means for that release.


For all that his reputation is in tatters, Ivak has been and always will be an amiable fellow. Throughout the course of the history of the world, Ivak has proven himself time and time again an invaluable member of the divine pantheon. His one mistake was in answering the despair of a young Queen caught up in a war she had no hope of winning. Ivak's compassion and will to help Kova set him on that fateful course of falling completely and utterly in love with her. They became lovers, and although he was the gentlest of mates, there came a time when Kova's duty to Alahea outweighed her personal duty to herself. Ivak supported her, knowing that Kova's marriage to the ruler of Suva would never be anything but an arrangement between powerful heads of state. It is even said that Ivak fathered a child on the Queen shortly before her marriage. No one anticipated her death, the subsequent slaughter of Ahalea's forces in Suva, or Ivak's grief erupting up and out of him with such potent inner force. Ivak had neither anticipated or suspected the depth of his emotions, and for a time, he lost his mind and raged across Mizahar, nearly utterly destroying it.

The God of Volcanism and Emotional Upheaval has since calmed down. Tempered by the Valterrian and wizened by his imprisonment, Ivak has enlisted and elevated individuals to comprise his Azenth and continue carrying out his own work as they can. Without the Azenth, and indeed without Ivak's power being returned to him little by little long before he has anticipated escape, the world would be at the mercy of earthquakes, volcanoes and incredible outrageous displays of emotion. Ivak has long been the release valve on the pressure cooker of the world


Currently, and perhaps understandably, Ivak is a sore spot to most of the world. His reputation is in ruins and the trust other gods once had for him is completely gone. Ivak discovered his own internal weakness, lost control in a single fateful instant, and sealed the fate of the world, changing it forever. No on trusts him, and thus he was kept confined for centuries, in a secret location which is well guarded by both immortal and mortals alike. Ivak's followers vowed to find him one day, though, and on the anniversary of the Valterrian in 512 AV, they managed to free him, causing a second cataclysm that released a tremendous amount of Djed into the world all at once.



Ivak's Appearances
heightAshes to Ashes, Dust to DustAppears to Leo Varniak.
heightFire Walk With MeAppears to Sondra, Terminus Norvin, and Leo Varniak via host Glav Navik