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A Flashback thread is a thread that takes place in the past - usually writing about someone's memory of a childhood event or pre-RP experience. Flashbacks do not require Storyteller permission; however, if a character gains something or learns a skill, that item or ability cannot be used until the flashback thread is completed. Flashbacks can only be done in timestamps PRIOR to the beginning of a character's actual roleplay start date, timestamp wise. If a PC starts in Summer of 509 AV (August 2009), then flashback threads can only occur prior to that timestamp.

In flashbacks, characters can roleplay having a higher skill base than normal, say training in a new skill they do not have in the current timeperiod. That skill just then needs to be talked about and utilized only AFTER the flashback is completed and graded.

Nuits and ghosts can flashback to prior to their undeaths or actual deaths depending as per normal flashback rules since their lives and deaths are one continuous timeline unbroken by a spirit being elsewhere or among the Gods. In certain cases, flashbacks can be written in past lives. The most common character type to have this happen is an Ethaefal because their current lives are so tied to their past lives. Other races such can also experience flashbacks to previous lives prior to their reincarnations. In cases with these threads, XP will not be awarded in regards to Skill Development (e.g. the PC flashes back to a previous life and experiences a swordfight, but will NOT gains sword XP in the current life). However, a PC can retain the knowledge they gain in a Flashback thread in terms of lores and basic standard information (i.e. the PC flashes back, experiences the same swordfight and sees his then brother killed in battle, and thus gains a lore of 'losing a brother in a battle' or any other kind of lore such a memory would invoke). This restriction on Skill Development in the past is for a very important reason: game balance. Skills, even magics, have some form of muscle or textile memory and inherent know-how that cannot be learned or carried over via dreams, memories, or flashbacks without practical current world execution and repetition which then generates the actual XP required.

Flashbacks are often confused with Grandfathered threads. Grandfathered threads are threads that were posted in a specific timestamp and a season change happened thus making them 'outdated' or 'old' and thus grandfathered. Grandfathered threads cannot be joined by people who were not already in the thread prior to the Timestamp.

Important Note: If you are at all active during the current RP season and posting then you are required to pay seasonal expenses for the current game season. If you are only playing in flashback threads, you do not have to pay current seasonal expenses. Flashbacks do not require seasonal expenses because someone cannot collect coin in a flashback thread.

However, in the instance where a new character has yet to become active during the current season and does not intend to be active during the current season (ie in the case of it being close to a season change), flashbacks are not allowed to be posted. These threads may only be written if a character is active in order to avoid members using this as a way to pad their characters' skills without having to pay seasonal expenses.

Flashbacks do NOT require you to register in the domain you are flashbacking in.

Flashbacks may only occur in domains/cities that are listed as open.