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Grandfathered threads

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Grandfathered threads are threads that were posted in a specific timestamp and a season change happened thus making them 'outdated' or 'old' and thus grandfathered. Grandfathered threads cannot be joined by people who were not already in the thread prior to the Timestamp, except with permission from a mod.

Example: A thread called "A Hunting We Will Go" was posted during Spring 513 A.V, then by Summer 513 A.V. the thread is still not finished, thus, that thread becomes grandfathered.

Grandfathered threads and Flashback threads are often confused. Players can only start flashback threads in timestamps that have occurred PRIOR to their start of character creation. Whatever the timestamp was that a character came into existence within, that is their mark for being able to Flashback too. You cannot post a Flashback thread in the game that happens AFTER the real-life date you started to play as that particular character (account creation date). This is firm regardless of how active or inactive you were during any given period.

Job threads that become grandfathered which are older than one season behind the current season will not be eligible to pay wages. They can, however, be graded for experience points.