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Foreman Zenis

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Foreman Zenis

The Hot Miner
Date of birth491 AV (aged 32)
Place of birthWind Reach
TitleThe Foreman

Foreman Zenis is in charge of operations within the Katshika Silver Mines. He is a gruff, no-nonsense man who takes his work very seriously. Not only must he oversee the production of silver in the mines, but he is also accountable for all those within. It is the foreman's job to make sure all the dek working the mine are fed and healthy, and to make sure it is closed down in time for the spring thaw when the Twin Lakes overflow into the tunnels.


Zenis was born of mixed blood, his father a full-blooded Inarta glassblower, and his mother a human fletcher. He often assisted his father in his work at the Glass Reverie, but Zenis was not a born craftsman as his parents were. He was well suited for physical work, but when it came to the finer details that both of his parent's trades required, he was at a loss. Zenis was assigned to the Chiet caste since he was skilled enough to hold a decent job, but not so useless as to be made a dek.

Zenis found work in the mines only a season after he was assigned his caste. He excelled at the job, having been born strong, and the hard manual labor only made him stronger. After years of hard work he was made foreman of the mine, replacing his elderly predecessor, and has been there ever since. Though he is no longer required to do the hard manual labor his workers are required to do, he can still be seen carrying his pick around and from time to time will join in the work.


While he is at work Zenis is a gruff, no-nonsense type of man. He doesn't play around, and is dedicated to his job. Zenis is happiest when he is hard at work, whether it's mining the silver himself, or making sure everyone else is. The only time he loosens up is during the spring season where he returns to the city to enjoy the finer things Wind Reach has to offer, particularly the women. Zenis is something of a ladies’ man, and has charmed many a woman into his bed.