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Goron Silverheart

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Goron Silverheart
Date of birth412 AV (aged 111)
Place of birthSultros
TitleChief Magecrafter of Sahova

Goron Silverheart is the Chief Magecrafter of Sahova, and holds a strong position in the Master's Guild as well. He is famous both for being one of the few living members of the Master's Guild, but also for his shocking rise to fame in the short span of time since he arrived on Sahova in 490 AV. He is well known for promoting Pulsar rights and individuality, and is equally famous for his hand in bringing The Wardens to their current place of power.


Like the rest of his race, Goron stands at exactly five feet in height. Broad shoulders and a barrel chest are traits he has gained from years of working at the anvil. His arms bulge with powerful muscles. thick and strong, and his left arm is black which denotes him as a member of the Pitrius clan. Goron rarely has more than the smallest amount of facial hair, and the hair on his head is usually cut short to his scalp to keep it from getting in the way of his work. He is only very rarely seen wearing his official robes of rank, and even rarer still does he wear the ring to indicate his office. There have been many times that he has been mistaken for another simple Pulsar by those who have never met him, but they quickly realize their folly shortly after. More often than not he is seen either in his lab, or in the Yachluria Forge, usually shirtless and covered in sweat and grime from his work.


Gruff, work addicted, strong and sturdy. His work is his life, and he delves into it with a passion and ferocity that puts many nuits to shame. Hard working and dedicated, he has made it his goal to produce the best items Sahova has ever seen. He is well known for his irritable nature, and stand off attitude, but within he is kind and rather generous. He feels for the plight of other Pulsars on Sahova, and works to bring the living up to stand on equal grounds with the nuits themselves. He is slow to anger, however, his wrath is never something one wants to be on the other end of. Goron is well versed in the politics of Sahova, and he will not hesitate to use his connections to ruin a person's career if it interferes with his own work. Kindness can be a handicap on Sahova, thus he has learned when to become cut throat as well.


Born and raised in Sultros, Goron lived a normal life for one of his kind. He worked with his father to perfect his craft, attended courses in the Silver Tower and was a model Isur of the Pitrius Clan. One day there was an internal dispute between Goron and his father, and for whatever reason the young Isur left his home to travel to a new location. He heard rumors of an ancient Citadel in Sylira that housed creatures older than the Valterrian who knew the greatest secrets of magic. For years he searched for them, but it was not until 490 AV that he finally reached his destination. There he suffered through the hardships of life as a living individual in a land meant for the undead. He held strong to his belief in life, and in the end he prospered because of his unwavering determination. He became a pillar for the Pulsars, a living man who was able to overcome the hardships of the island and to rise above all challenges set before him.

Because of his living nature, and what he stands for, Goron has made several powerful enemies within the Citadel itself. His power though is great, his influence greater, and through necessity he has developed a nack for working the system in favor of building up Pulsar rights. Thus far his greatest achievement is establishing the Wardens as a true faction of Sahova, no small task to be sure. His current goals are unknown, but many suspect he wishes for Sahova to become more reliant on Living individuals more so than undead. He is of the strong belief that it is the living, not the dead, that will have the greatest impact on the world.