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The Wardens

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When Sahova was first created there was little room for the living in it. Often those with a beating heart, known by the derogatory term Pulsers, were subjected to miss treatment, as if they were somehow less than the nuits because of their limited life-span. This drove many of the living that came to Sahova to quickly undergo the nuitification process, however, some did not feel the need to sacrifice their humanity for the sake of magical research. For those that would not give up their life for the cause, the Wizards of Sahova found a new task for them, one they felt best suited their lower status.

The living were sent to oversee the Testing Grounds, a place where the Wizards would take their experiments for testing, and for disposing of failed creations. The work was demeaning, and life threatening. To the Wizards this was the perfect chore for those who did not see the logic in extending your life in the name of magical research. Instead one would spend their life cleaning up the messes of real Wizards dedicated to the advancement of magic. It was the perfect plan, or so it was believed. One man stepped forward, taking on the mantel of Groundskeeper proudly. His name was known as Chabiza Kormic, and under his guidance those Pulsers exiled to live a life of humiliation and death were instead given the chance to prosper. Much to the nuits disbelief Chabiza inspired those banished to work hard and to develop their magics to overcome the challenges the Testing Grounds offered, and through their struggles they raised themselves above the scorn directed at them by the Wizards. They created a new faction, naming themselves the Wardens of the Testing Grounds. Because of their constant struggle with life and death the Wardens developed into the best combat mages in all of Sahova, earning both begrudging respect and wariness from the Wizards of Sahova. They became an entity both apart of and completely separate from Sahova, and while the Wizards will not recognize their authority within the Citadel they cannot disregard the important role they play within the cities politics.

It was in the year 501 AV that the Wardens were fully recognized by the Wizards as a whole and complete faction in and of themselves. This was thanks largely in part to a single man by the name of Goron Silverheart, an Isur who had claimed the rank of Cheif Wizard of Magecrafting, as well as a seat within the Masters Guild. As one of the few living members of the Masters Guild, Goron felt a connection with this band of Pulsers who had decided to claim a life for themselves despite the odds against them. He offered each of the Wardens, as well as the current Chabiza, a specially crafted weapon made by his own two hands. With his support the Wardens were finally acknowledged as an individuals with their own rights to be heard within Sahova's politics, as well as the recognition they deserved.


As the years past the name Chabiza was passed down to each new Groundskeeper that came into power. Each new Chabiza is the strongest of the current Wardens, and often he or she is chosen by popular vote. On rare occasions if a majority vote cannot be reached a tournament is held, often leading to the death or more than one Warden, and so this method is avoided. To date more Chabizas have come from the Heartlands than anywhere else in the Testing Grounds, but it is not unheard of for Wardens of other areas to become Chabiza as well.


The Wardens have a very loose hierarchy of authority, and while each Warden will respect the thoughts and opinions of their fellow Wardens each is free to act as he or she sees fit in any given situation, though all recognize the authority of the Groundskeeper. Each section of the Testing Grounds has its own Warden, and each Warden takes on two Initiates. Though typically each Warden remains well within their own domains, from time to time one might be called to another section to aid in a task that is better suited to their particular blend of skills. The Warden hierarchy is very fluid, know to shift with the thoughts and opinions of each new Warden that comes along. There exists a mutual respect among all within this faction, for it is well known to have even gained the title of Warden one has to be the best at what they do.

Each Warden specializes in a unique blend of magics which allow them to better perform their duties. Initiates are often chosen if they already possess skills in the magics required by the station. Upon entry into the Wardens an Initiate is then initiated into the magics which they lack, and training begins. Most Initiates perish during the initial learning curve, but those who make it through this time have their chances of survival increase significantly.

Prairie Wardens

Prairie Wardens are most known for their use of morphing magic within combat situations. They tend to use this personal magic in strange and often fantastic ways, blending both artistic creativity and combat practicality into each new model. The mark of a Prairie warden is not the number of models she has, but rather her ability to adjust and adapt a model on the fly.

Bloodhill Wardens

Bloodhill Wardens wield a fascinating, and highly effect, blend of projection and voiding. They work in the most experimentally active of all the testing grounds, and so their main priority is dismantling and getting rid of debris and carnage left behind. Often these Wardens are asked to aid in similar tasks within other parts of the testing grounds, and they are by far the best at restraining and capturing still living specimens.

Mudpool Wardens

Mudpool Wardens specialize in close combat flux magic paired with debilitating acts of hypnotism. They are considered the greatest of the Wardens when it comes to close combat, but most would rather be known for their more subtle art. Mudpool Wardens are often smooth, charismatic and charming, the ideal manipulator within the body of a well trained fighter.

Heartland Wardens

The mysterious Heartland Wardens rarely, if ever, venture from their own domain. They specialize in a frightening combination of Familiary and Reimancy, but few have ever seen their magic in action. Unlike the other Wardens, the Heartland only keeps a single initiate, training with them closely and grooming them to take over the Heartland after the current Warden's death.

Mt. Merlus Wardens

At the behest of the Council, an additional area of Sahova was added to the Warden's purview; Mt. Merlus. The volcano was granted a single Warden and initiate as a defensive experiment. These wardens specialize in the magics of Reimancy and Shielding. They mix magic with mundane fighting styles to turn their entire body into a weapon. Of the Wardens, only the Mt. Merlus Warden and the Chabiza are aware that this station is specifically to protect Sahova's Vault hidden within the Volcano.


  • Groundskeeper
  • Wardens
  • Initiates
    • The Prairie
      • Darin Summers
      • Kinapak
    • The Bloodhills
      • Lorelei Fairebairn
      • Derain Roas
    • The Mudpools
      • Cowan Tamas
      • Cowen Tamas
    • The Heartlands
      • Terra
    • Mt. Merlus
      • Keene Ward

Gaining Membership

Gaining membership is as simple as showing interest in the Wardens. Initiates have a high turn over rate, so the Wardens are often looking for fresh blood to fill the new openings. Wardens have been known to sit in on Judgements, taking those of the living they find would suit their work. All Initiates are hand picked by the Wardens, and there is no formal application process.

Requirements for Membership