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Greenwing Flyer

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Greenwing Flyer
Threat levelLow to medium
Major featuresWings, Luminous Glow, Teeth
AbilitiesAcidic touch, Flight
Most common inNyka, the Aperture

The "Greenwing Flyer" is a Nyka menace that appears several times a year, mostly in summer, from the Aperture. These flights of Greenwings tend to be in groups of 10 or more and appear with the sole purpose of establishing an above ground colony. If left unchecked, the Flyers will settle into a building that normally has a large basement and begin to breed, spawning even more of these creatures. The Greenwing is very easy to recognize because of its bat-like appearance, its wings tattered and seemingly useless. Its whole form glows with a sickly green light due to a djed-laden acidic saliva with which the creatures tend to lick themselves. Immune to the saliva’s effects themselves, the glowing green material tends to dissolve all organic material it touches and liquefy the inorganic material, which then allows the creature to feed. If left unchecked and allowed to breed, Greenwing Flyers can wreak havoc on a stone city and leave its denizens devastated, because they prefer flesh to stone when feeding daily. The droppings of the Greenwing Flyers are also incredibly toxic though they do not have the same acidic qualities. If ingested or breathed in, they can do serious damage to lung and stomach tissue that often results in death. Strong poisons are made from greenwing guano.


Greenwing flyers have been appearing from the Aperture for as long as the Aperature has existed. The old city has few records of such creatures, so it is thought they have somehow developed beneath the ground and perhaps have a colony somewhere. It is thought the ones that make an appearance in the city of Nyka are displaced juveniles and that these creatures, if allowed to grow to full size, get far larger than the sea-gull sized fliers are currently.


The Greenwing Flyer is, on average, about the size of a seagull, having a wingspan of up to two feet and weighing just a few pounds. Individually, the creatures are vulnerable to all sorts of weapons – blunt, edged, arcane – but in flocks they can be dangerous. In all of Nyka’s history there has never been a case where one has been allowed to live longer than a day or so from its emergence from the Aperture, so no one is certain how large these creatures can actually grow since keeping them contained is nearly impossible, due to their powerful saliva. Killing one is the only safe recourse when faced with a Greenwing flyer. Even then, expect weapons to be damaged when they come in contact with these creatures.

Credit to Shade