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Postby Shade on November 25th, 2011, 8:15 am




  • Name: Shadekas aka "Shade" (shay-dee-cuss)
  • Race: Human
  • Birthday & Age: Winter 487 AV (35)
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5'11
  • Weight: 165
  • Eyecolor: blue
  • Haircolor: Black


  • Languages: Common (fluent), Fratava (fluent), Konti (poor)
  • Status:
    • Jeweler, Bodyguard, Rockhounder, Ex-Xannos Monk
    • Ex- Sponsor: Lynk, Acolyte of Xannos/Jewelcrafter
  • Work Place:
  • Home:
  • Profession: Jewelcrafter at The Blinding Light Studio
  • Religion: Worships Semele, Xannos, Zulrav and Laviku
  • Sexual Orientation: Yes, very.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Temperament: Easy Going
  • Mannerism: Soft Spoken
  • Humor: Quirky
  • Laugh: Soft - Often no more than a smile
  • Positive Traits: Artistic, altruistic, disciplined, serious about his work, dedicated, fierce, protective, passionate, poetic, quick-thinking, affectionate, sensitive, sincere and very self reliant.
  • Negative Traits: Close-guarded, secretive, introverted, intolerant of imperfections, perfectionist, sometimes cruel/uncaring, unrestrained, sometimes insensitive, callous, and often unsympathetic.


Shade stands at only 5’11. He is not by far the tallest of the Xannos Monks, but he feels blessed that he is not the shortest of his brother’s either. Muscled and active, Shadekas is toned due to a childhood growing up in the Nykshela Quarry always running and always busy. Shade is not afraid of hard work and his body reflects that. If a task needs doing, he’s often the first take off his shirt (or his robe) and bend his back to perform the task, even if the work is not his own or none of his business. Image

Shade’s face can be described as rather stoic, though his bright blue eyes are more than animated to make up for it. He is often seen with a blank expression and eyes full of mischief. Lacking any sort of discernible laugh lines or facial wrinkles, one would think he rarely smiles. He does, however, though is mirth is usually reserved for a quiet laugh and a slight smile. Looking at him, one often assumes hes viewing some private joke or on the verge of a bold smile, though that is often not the case.

Shade internalizes a great deal, rarely sharing his feelings unless he is among close friends. When he is pleased, however, his whole body radiates that pleasure. The same goes for other emotions, be they anger, frustration or curiosity.

Shadekas has completely un-tamable hair. Falling in long curled strands, the midnight coils tend to flutter uncontrolled about his face and soften any severe expression he has carefully cultivated to display in the presence of his betters. When teased about it or asked to cut it, Shadekas often simply shrugs and says in his quiet amused voice … “It is as it should be, so I leave it.” He also tends to have a close cut beard and mustache he's very fussy about making sure is neat.

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Who I Am

Postby Shade on November 26th, 2011, 9:22 am




I fight because I have to. If you do not fight in Nyka, and prove yourself among the strongest, you will fall.

But that is not my calling. My true calling is a more simpler life of a craftsman and scholar. I am a jeweler, explorer, and the quiet master of my own body. Good humor haunts me, and I am faster to amuse than to anger. Image I bend over my workbench hours and days on end and my only reward is to bring joy to those who cherish what I make and honor it via Xannos' touch. I am thoroughly in love with the Gods and Goddesses of the world and am half the time lost as if in a daydream contemplating my existence and their roles in the world. I wish to serve the people, which is a rarity among Nyka's elite, who often jockey for position and power with little thought for those they trample on in the pursuit of such things.

I give thought. I have a care. My duty is the duty of nurturer and protector.

I know what it is like to be homeless, orphaned, and alone. I know what it is like to receive the charity of strangers and the kindness of giving souls. Given a second chance, I strive to give as many second chances myself as is possible. I have no burning ambition to be the best. I have no desire to be feared. I wish only love and peace in a world turned upside down in tragedy and loss. In many ways Nyka is the perfect place for me. It is an illustrious city built of marble and pain housing a nightmare that none would believe if they hadn't themselves experienced it first hand.

I can make a difference here.


Shade was born in 483 AV to Stridan and Dawn Cavantar. Dawn was a Svefra who lacked the bright blue eyes of her people and was thus outcast. Stridan, who'd always had blue eyes, never thought much of them until he met and fell in love with Dawn and knew her story. It was a miracle she'd survived her childhood and grew to be an adult outside of her pod. Stridan was a monk of Uphis who kept Dawn as a shadow wife and together they made a good and decent home. Dawn gave Stridan a beautiful blue-eyed son the very same year they met.

In 488, five years after Shadekas was born, Greenwing Flyers poured out of the Aperture and viciously attacked the neighborhood where Stridan and Dawn made their home. Both were slain in one of the largest attacks of Greenwings in Nyka's recorded history. Shadekas was left an orphan and taken to the Nykshela Quarries where he was given a home and a place to live. He ran errands for the Quarrymaster and soon learned he had a knack for finding gemstones and feeling them out. This caught the attention of a Jeweler named Lynkin, a Xannos Monk, who tended to place orders with Shadekas, bringing him stones to hold and then telling him to find similar ones to this in his free time. Shade earned a great living this way as the jeweler always bought his stones for a fair price and treated him kindly. Then, near his fifteenth birthday, he was visited form Semele and marked with a black opal gnosis of Mele on he back of his hand. Lynkin, similarly marked, wore amber in his. Black Opal holds deep meaning to him now, and he knows it as his stone and his secret heart. It is surrounded in darkness yet burns with a powerful fire. That is who he his. That will always be who he is.

Lynk taught him all he could and together with his son Hadrian prepared Shadekas to be Selected and then Tested so he could join the Xannos Order and proudly fall into place beside them. Shadekas did so, passing his test on his eighteenth birthday and then went on to spend another blissful ten years in the order as a Novice.

Shadekas will serve Xannos, Semele, Zulrav, and Laviku until the day he dies. He only wishes, when it finally comes, that his death be a good one, in service to the city of Nyka and her denizens.

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What I Am

Postby Shade on November 30th, 2011, 5:39 pm




None Yet

None Yet

Skill Points SP, RB Misc Info
Jewelcrafting 40/100 30 SP
Unarmed Combat 30/100 15 SP, 15 RB

Skill Points SP, RB Misc Info
Animal Husbandry 1/100 Bird
Acrobatics 2/100
Body Building 3/100
Buisness 1/100
Climbing 4/100
Cooking 1/100
Drawing 2/100
Endurance 2/100
Falconry 1/100
Fishing 1/100
Leadership 5/100
Hostessing 2/100
Interrogation 7/100
Investigation 1/100
Meditation 2/100
Negotiation 1/100
Observation 14/100
Larceny 1/100
Leadership 5/100
Persuasion 3/100
Planning 6/100
Rhetoric 3/100
Riding 3/100 Horse
Seduction 1/100
Scavenging 1/100
Socialization 13/100
Teaching 2/100
Weapon (Compound Long Bow) 6/100 5 SP

Base Resolve + 26
Interrogation (N) +1
Leadership (N) +1
Endurance (N) +1
Meditation (N) +1
= 30

Interrogation, Intimidation, Meditation, Leadership/Persuasion/Seduction, Endurance, Torture all add 1 per level.


Thus far, Shade has learned no magic. However, he does have plans for Flux, Shielding, and Projection.


  • Semele's Religion
  • Xannos' Religion


  • Semele: 1 Mark

The quiet wrath had never quite left the boy, intermingled as it was by terror. He moved through his days after his parent’s deaths and the greenwing attack like a wooden marionette - broken, discarded, and moving only as if he’d blown about in the wind and finally caught on a tree branch so only Zulrav's winds toyed with him. Homeless, the Monks who eventually cleaned up the mess the Greenwings had left of his family had taken him to the only place they could think of - The Nykshela Quarry.
From there the Quarry master took his broken down marionette strings. He asked little of the boy at first, giving him a ten day to sleep, forcing him to eat, letting his grief settle over him. And then, one day in a series of long forgotten lost days the child was given a message to carry into town. Once that task was completed, he was given a second, then another and finally another until he became an official runner for the Master. Sometimes he ran Quarter to Quarter, sometimes to the very threshold of the Celestials themselves. It took him more than a season of running to really see where he was going and take an interest in his life again. By that time he'd turned six and had taken to following the Quarry master everywhere. He learned to keep out of the way, but be there when the man needed him most.

The man saw that he was educated, and later he dictated messages to Shadekas so the boy served more than one purpose. His duties taught Shade the way around Nyka and who was who where and more about politics than he should have known. Nyka was a city of men so a young secretary was not out of line. Then when he was ten, Shadekas was replaced by a new boy that needed the errand job more than Shade did 0 and a home - and was subsequently moved out into the Quarry itself because he was old enough to work. He apprenticed with a quarryman who used him in much the same way, running errands for carvers, taking orders and delivering stone around town.

In his free time, which was often, he cleaned up and helped around the quarry. Since the place was devoted to marble, they made precise cuts to free the stone from Semele's body and in chipping out these massive blocks, the scrap needed swept and removed. Shadekas did this along with dozens of other helpers. He'd have too until he'd learned enough about marble to actually wield the chisels and hammers, removing the blocks safely from the main body of the quarry.

When it came to moving the blocks, everyone helped. Ropes, rolling logs, anything and everything were used. Hoists lifted the stone out of place and draft animals moved heavy wagons of the stuff taking it to other parts of the city. Nyka was built on the sweat of the quarry and Shade's whole world became marble. He lived it, breathed it, and wore so much of it at times that he felt made of marble. And slowly, as time passed, he began to 'feel' the marble. He unerringly knew where the best pieces were to cut - the flawless slabs - and started accidentally stumbling over caches of gems that seemed to find him more than him find them. When asked how he did it, Shade would always say that he just learned to listen. The stones sang. And as he found more and more caches of the stuff, people started seeking him out. A jeweler in particular took an interest to him. He'd often drop by the Quarry, ask for Shade by name, and place a stone in his hand so the boy could feel the stone’s song and look for a like song in the wilds.

Acolyte Lynk had heard of Shadekas' gift and had smiled knowingly. When he had specific orders - say a large necklace of emeralds - he'd seek the boy out. "Son, feel this stone. I've an order for a big necklace where I need at least ten carats of the stuff, flawless if possible. Hear its song and can you listen for more?" With such a guidepost, Shadekas needed no more than a ten day or two to come up with the order. Often, he went into the very Aperture itself to do so. Long past, after the death of his parents, he'd ceased to be afraid of it but instead only incredibly respectful of what it meant to him - change.

When pressed, Shade would often say that in lieu of a mother, Semele had adopted him and that she treated him better than any mother could anyhow. Looking back, with his fortunes getting a messenger and clean up job in the Quarry was one of those. Acolyte Lynk was one of those. Lynk visited often, took Shade under his wing, and spoke at length about all sorts of things; jewelcrafting, faith, joining the Monkhood. He often 'borrowed' the boy for long sojourns outside the gates in his quest for more stones. Lynk educated Shade in a way that the Quarry master never had time to do and in return Shade threw himself into helping Lynx whenever he had a free moment and the jeweler needed him.


Shade asked endless questions, which sometimes Lynk had the patience to answer and sometimes not. When it came to questions about the Gods and the Celestials that ruled the city, Lynk seemed to smile knowingly a great deal and often told Shade he needed to have patience. Some things could be learned, and some only experienced.

The boy didn't understand what Lynk meant by this until his fifteenth birthday when he was curled in his cot in the workers sleeping quarters for the quarry when he heard a voice call to him. The voice was the most astonishing he'd ever heard. Shade had heard stones sing, but the voice he answered too seemed to be all stones everywhere singing in a choir that was indescribably beautiful. He rose, following the sound of the song, and slipped into the Aperture via one of the various ways he'd always prowled it looking for stones. Shade’s only weapon was a burning torch and second unlit one, shoved through his belt. He moved without a sense of hurry and with a feeling of incredible divinity. It was as if each step he took was sacred, propelling him forward to something that was preordained.

When he'd moved in so far, loosing himself in the darkness following the song, he came upon what he could only call great underground cathedral. Spires rose to the ceiling and fell from it just the same, made of glittering crystal that sang to him in a deafening lyrical song. The young man stood in awe. His jaw was agape and he stepped into the space undecided if the place had manifested around him as in a dream or if the place had always existed. It definitely reminded him of a temple. It was like being inside a giant geode with an unknown light source illuminating it from within. Shade, even as young as he was, understood that he was in the presence of divinity. He bowed low, the song so intense now – like a thousand gemstones singing – that tears came to his eyes. When he blinked them away, he saw the figure sitting lotus style on a giant fallen crystal spear before him. He would not call her beautiful, though indeed she was female. Instead he’d simply call her striking. Her eyes were like rough-cut diamonds while her skin glittered mica sharp and shot through with all sorts of veins of color much like marble. When she spoke, the song abruptly ceased and he almost cried out at its loss.

“Welcome child.” The exotic incredibly strange woman said, beckoning Shadekas forward. He moved forward, footsteps hesitant and excited all the same. He moved until he was before her, and then bent low in acknowledgment. His youthful mind astonished and flattered that he was meeting the earth mother first hand. It took him no time at all to decide who she was.


“Lynk has taken you under his wing as I asked. It is rare a child is born that can hear the song of my stones, the heartbeat of the world, and any born thusly are special to me. You are one such person. Lynk is another. He serves me and my daughter as I would ask you to as well. The riches I provide are not designed to lay hidden beneath the surface of the world forever. When the time is right I see that they are freed from the soil much as children are birthed from their mother’s womb. In order to do that, I ask my followers to assist. Sometimes it is as simple as cutting a stone for a very special person. Sometimes such assistance means freeing the stone from its earthen birthplace. Sometimes I even ask for my chosen to tap into stones and their properties, unleashing their power onto Mizahar as my will dictates.” Semele said. “I will never ask more than you can easily give. And in return for the servitude, I grant you access to the true power of gemstones and to know the secret truth of what they are.” The Goddess said.

True power. She wasn’t talking about any djed wielding magicians who sought to copy. But instead something buried core-deep in the earth. This was a power that had always existed, deeply buried, and forged into the very flesh and bone of Semele. Image

Shade didn’t need to think, to mull over the decision. There and then he knelt, touched his forehead to the crystal at her feet, and pledged his loyalty to her. Semele had always been his mother, always, even since before his own had been taken from him. Her asking and his accepting were as natural as breathing.

“Of course, my Mother. How could I refuse you?” He said. The goddess reached out and took his left hand. She pressed the pad of her thumb into the center of the back of his hand and a warmth infused him. When her touch was gone, a single black opal was embedded in the back of his hand, shimmering with a thousand different shades of blue and green in its dark depth. And with its sudden existence, the song in the cathedral cavern redoubled, sharpened, and it was as if his ears had wax pulled from them. The song reverberated through him, infused him, and he felt the vibrations and tones of the crystal singing all around him.

Shade bowed his head in awe. Semele smiled, reached forward and kissed his young brow. “Remember, Shadekas. Before you become anyone else’s, you were mine first and foremost.” And with that, she was gone, leaving him to make his way back to the surface and back to his normal life until she needed him and sang to him her song once more.

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Shade's Things

Postby Shade on November 30th, 2011, 5:39 pm



Shade is meticulously clean about all his things. He keeps everything he owns in excellent repair and as clean as he possibly can. There is almost a mental disorder about how factitious he is about hygiene and the way things need to be maintained. He has a place for everything and everything goes in that place. His workspace is always immaculate and tools can be located because they are always put back in their place in such a way as their organization is beyond flaw. He cares for his horse, Nightwish, the same way. He almost considers the ownership of things a divine granting and keeps this in account as he goes through the motions of his day.Image


  • Black Cloak (oilskin & lined)
  • Leather Pants (black)
  • 3 Pair Cotton Pants (White, Black & Blue)
  • 4 Pair Boxers
  • Socks
  • 3 Linen Shirts (White, Black & Blue)
  • 1 Woolen Tunic (Multiple Colored)
  • Leather Belt
  • Riding Boots
  • Monks Robe and Sandals


  • 1 Waterskin/Canteen
  • Beltpouch
  • 1 Backpack which contains:
    • 1 Set of Toiletries (comb, brush, razor, soap)
    • Food for a week
    • 1 eating knife
    • Flint & Steel
  • 1 large tent (4 person)
  • 100 ft of rope
  • flint & steel
  • lantern, Hooded
  • 100 torches
  • bedroll, blanket, pillow
  • Ivory pipe w/tabacco (heirloom)

Magic Items :
Charm Bracelet

The bracelet is a thick masculine set of interlocking copper links. It is indestructible and cannot be removed once you put it on. It will shift with your shapes if you are a shifter or morpher.

  • Silhouette of a human head with a spiral at its crown Charm - This small decorative charm, when activated, allows the user to know a person’s surface thoughts for five full chimes. This charm is strong enough it can be activated once per day.
  • Weapon's Locker - This charm bracelet comes in many shapes and sizes. If it is used for a sword, it will look like a sheathed sword. If it is used to house a bow, it will look like a bow case. A quiver of arrows would need its own Weapon’s Locker. The Weapon’s Locker charm will house one weapon at a time and assume the shape most appropriate to the weapon itself. The wearer need only to touch the charm to the weapon. To withdraw the weapon from the weapon’s locker, the wearer must touch the charm and think of the weapon. The Weapon’s Locker Charm can only hold one weapon, but a charm bracelet may hold multiple weapon’s locker charms. Each weapon’s locker charm must be purchased separately.
  • Snake Charm - A small snaked-shaped charm with jeweled green eyes. This charm allows you to sense the proximity of any serpent to you within 100 feet. This works with snakes and Dhani alike. It gives you a mental awareness of where that snake is and what sort of snake it might be.
  • Honeybee Charm - This detailed charm allows you to be immune to the stings of insects.

Backpack Of Voiding

This is a simple looking pack. It can be of any color though the basic shape will remain the same. It can hold anything within it as long as the thing can fit through the bag's opening to disappear inside. It weighs as if it is an empty backpack and has no limit in terms of what can go in. One must concentrate on what one wants to retrieve from the inside of it when reaching in or else the contents coming to ones hand will be random. This backpack will not preserve items such as food. Any garbage or food that rots in it will cause the contents to smell and a stench to emit from it once the top flap is thrown open. The same might be said of soiled sweaty or dirty clothing, especially socks and shoes.


Homefinder Token

This ancient token is a remnant from the days of Alahea and a time when Aquiras still lived. Most of Alahea's monarchy and VIPs carried these charged tokens as a sort of backup security measure to keep them from being kidnapped or finding themselves in a life-or-death situation. Their crafting is a complete secret though scholars of Arcanology suspect Homefinders are tokens of Masterwork Magecrafting with an obviously added spark of divinity. Popular theory says they were all made by Aquarias' last living champion who was also a Master Magecrafter.

When held between one's forefinger and thumb, and the word 'home' spoken, one is magically transformed to what one charged the homefinder with as being 'home'. The transfer is instantaneous and is not affected by time, space, geography, or magical restraints. The transfer is painless and instantaneous.

When being charged, a homefinder can be 'tuned' to consider any number of places home. That home might be a person's actual home, an escape bolt hole, a high mountain clearing, a cave deep in the woods, a best buddies' cardboard shanty, anywhere the user can think of as ' home'. The user must be intimately familiar with the place they tune the homefinder to as home... meaning they must have been physically present in the place they select the homefinder to call home. The only possible way around this 'must have been to a place physically' is as if someone employes a Dreamwalker to walk them through someone else's memory which they then can take on as their own.

Homefinders are powerful magic items with an endless potential for use.

The Homefinder can only hold one charge and one targeted 'home' at a time. Once used, it must be recharged to be used again. With each 'recharge' the 'home' location can change based on the whim of who is doing the recharging.

Homefinders can be essential in the need to escape captivity or return the person who owns it to that person's 'home'. Their uses are 'unlimited' but they must be charged before each use. In olden times, when the world was still new to Humans, Homefinders were often deployed by Explorers who got themselves hopelessly lost or in dire survival situations as a last ditch effort to return home - mostly in shame.

These tokens are rarely found charged and are dangerous to use with an 'unknown' charge. They can be 'overwritten' by recharging them with a new charge (as if they'd been used) if discovered or acquired. Then, once used, they must be recharged. A charging will require a 2.5K word thread on meditating about 'home' for anyone who is a novice at meditation. Competent meditators require a 1k word thread to recharge a Homefinder. Those with Expert in Meditation require only a 500 word thread (or section of a thread) where they are recharging their homefinders. Master meditators need only a few moments of concentration on 'home' to recharge a Homefinder.

Homefinders can be bought, sold, gifted, or stolen. They will retain the last charge they held until they are either used or recharged in an 'overwritten' situation.

Homefinders are exempt from coupons, requests after this challenge, or as wishes. They must be acquired in thread along with all the lore above that is associated with them. Players have until the end of the season to acquire these, or they loose the ability to acquire them.

Homefinders awarded in this contest come 'used' or 'uncharged' and must be charged for their first use.

Tobacco Tin

This neat little black tin has silver tobacco leaves etched on it. Once per day it fills itself up with tobacco. If it is emptied out, the tobacco will refill itself the next day. Each day the flavor and variety are different. Sometimes they are very exotic and sometimes they are very mundane. Enjoy the variety.


Shade uses three primary weapons. First and foremost he is skilled in Unarmed Combat. Secondly, he prefers his composite longbow to almost anything else. Thirdly, presented to him at his Induction Ceremony, Shade has a quarterstaff topped with a sphere of stone.

Name: Striker
Type: Composite Longbow (wood/horn)
Stats: The bow measures 72 inches (6 feet) in length, and draws approximately 40 pounds at 28 inches. Can loose 12 aimed shots in a minute, with man-sized accuracy up to 200 yards. Can penetrate mail at 75 yards, plate at 30.
Color: Deep blue stained, hand painted with lightening bolts as a nod to Zulrav.

Name: Peacemaker
type: Quarterstaff
Stats: 6ft long topped with a gemstone sphere.
Color: Black


ImageWhite Raven: Pet
Age: 1
Sex: Female
Name: Opal
Value: Priceless to Shadekas
Acquired: Stealing A Thief
Represents: Shade's desire to be free to roam.
Equipment: None so far.

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Postby Shade on November 30th, 2011, 5:40 pm



Shadekas has both a place at The Tempered Anvil Headquarters and The Blinding Light Studio. He mainly stays at The Blinding Light but takes advantage of his small quarters at the Tempered Anvil when there are doings and goings on in the Headquarters that he needs to attend late. Due to the fact that he's a Xannos Monk, he spends very little money and earns no income for his work.Image


Base Income: Jewelcrafter 9 GM/day
Skill Bonus: Competent Jewelcrafter 4 GM/day
Sales Bonus: 2 GM/day
Total Income: 15 GM/day

  • 1210.8 GM Gold-Rimmed Mizas

522 :
Item Description Additions/Subtractions Totals
Starting Gold 378.8 GM
Contest + 580 GM 958.8 GM
Horse + Tack Sale +250 1,208.8
Wages Spring 522 1,365 GM 2573.8 GM
Seasonal Expenses Spring 522 (Common) -135 GM 2,438.8 GM
Loan Payment Spring 522 - 647 GM 1791.8 GM
Seasonal Expenses Summer 522 (Common) -135 GM 1,656.8 GM
Loan Payment Summer 522 - 647 GM 1009.8 GM
Seasonal Expenses Fall 522 (Common) -135 GM 874.8 GM
Loan Payment Fall 522 -647 GM 227.8 GM
NaNo 2022 Award +400 GM 627.8 GM
Wages Fall 522 A.V. +1365 GM 1992.8 GM
Loan Payment Winter 522 -647 GM 1345.8 GM
Seasonal Expenses Winter 522 (Common) -135 GM 1210.8 GM

Starting Package Cash In :
Item Description Additions/Subtractions Total Mizas
Cashed In Housing + 500 600 GM
1 4-Person Tent - 10 GM 590 GM
100 Ft Rope -2 GM 588 GM
Flint & Steel - 1 GM 587 GM
100 Torches - 1 GM 586 GM
Bedroll/Blanket/Pillow - 1 GM 585 GM
Longbow, Composite (Striker) -100 GM 485 GM
Arrows, Longbow (100) - 5 GM 480 GM
Arrows, Amour Piercing (20) - 20 GM 460 GM
Arrows, Broad (20) - 15 GM 445 GM
Arrows, Flight (20) - 3 GM 442 GM
Arrows, Fishing (20) - 4 GM 438 GM
Arrows, Fire (2) - 30 GM 408 GM
Misc Clothing (4 linen shirts, 3 cotton pants, leather glove - 12 SM 406.8 GM
Set of Ivory Dice - 8 SM 398.8 GM
Bower/Fletcher Toolkit -20 GM 378.8 GM

Please note Shade was created and played initially before the Seasonal Expense rule. He has returned after that era so he will start paying seasonal expenses when he becomes active.

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Thread List

Postby Shade on November 30th, 2011, 7:26 pm



Winter 522 A.V.

Fall 522 A.V.

Summer 522 A.V.

Spring 522 A.V.

Finished/Graded :
Summer 512 AV

Winter 511 AV

  • 4th - Materialism at its Finest - Socialization +5, Observation +5, Interrogation +2, Leadership +2, Negotiation +1, Persuasion +2 Markets: Sources of Inspiration, Nyka: Gets Poor Trade From Merchants, Nyka: Upkis and Xannos Monks Do not Get Along, Persuasion: Defusing A Fight.
  • 5th - Land Ho! - Planning +1, Body Building +1, Endurance +1, Scavenging +1, Fishing +1, Compound Longbow +1, Observation +2, Socialization +2, Cooking +1, Interrogation +2, Hostessing +2 Boris: Appearance and Mannerism, Fishing: With A Bow, Kelvic Dolphins: Cold In Human Form
  • 9th - Somewhere I Belong Leadership 3 Rhetoric 1 Observation 3 Interrogation 2 Socialization 3 Teaching 4 Compassion for Strangers Recognizing a Vantha The Volans Constellation Location: The Safe Havel Hostel Street Plan: the Celestial Square
  • 12th - A Dawn Ride - Planning +1 ,Observation +4, Socialization +3, Riding +2, Teaching +2, Interrogation +1, Climbing +1, Seduction +1


  • Fall, 511 AV - Stealing A Thief - Climbing 3 Acrobatics 2 Rhetoric 2 Larceny 1 Persuasion 1 Animal Husbandry (bird) 1 Falconry 1 Upholding a Reputation Honor in Thievery Drunken Regrets Stealing a Friend The Story of the White Ravens
  • Summer, 501 AV - Summer Darkness - Meditation +2
  • Spring, 501 AV - Arrows From The Ukalas - No XP


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The Rundown

Postby Shade on December 18th, 2011, 3:16 am



General Information :
1. What is your Name?

My full name is Shadekas Cavantar.

2. Do you go by a nickname or pet name?

I go by Shade or The Black Opal.

3. How old are you?

I am 28 years of age.

4. What is your height?

I am 5'11 in height.

5. What is your weight?

I am 165 lbs.

Aesthetics :
1. Describe yourself as you see yourself.

I am what I am. Most people are not content with what they have in life. I am. Is that arrogant? I don't think so because I always strive to better myself and my abilities, which means while I might be content, I am not ever settling for things. I feel strong, young, and alive.

2. Describe yourself as others typically see you.

Quiet reserved insightful. Most people think I am a pushover or perhaps not too intelligent because I often withhold judgement and stand on the fringes of a crowd observing rather than being a vocal part of one.

3. What is your favorite body feature?

In myself I like my hands. They do my work and make me what I am. In others I admire their eyes, lips, the curves of their bodies. I love bodies, all sorts, though its the mind behind the faces that often attracts me.

4. How physically fit are you?

I am very physically fit. If I wasn't, I couldn't survive in Nyka as a Monk.

5. How do you typically dress and what is your style?

Well, being a Monk often means you must forgo any fashion sense. However, when I'm 'off duty' I tend to dress in leather pants and a loose linen shirt. I am often wandering the hills for gemstones, so monks robes do not often make practical clothing. I am also very comfortable without clothing.

Family :
1. Who are your parents and what are they like?

My parents are Striden and Dawn Cavantar. I never knew them because they were slain by Aperture Monsters when I was five. It's one of my biggest regrets in my life.

2. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

I'm leaving this part of my history open in case of future RP opportunities.

3. What is your extended family like?

I'm a monk. My extended family is all monks. We're... thuggish. :)

4. Do you consider close friends as important or more/less important than family?

Since I have no family, my close friends are very important and more important, of course, than people that don't exist.

5. Do you treat animals like family?

I probably treat animals better than most people treat their families.

Location :
1. Where were you born?
2. Where do you live now?
3. If you could live anywhere in Mizahar where would that be?
4. Do you have a favorite place to vacation or spend leisure time?
5. Where do you fear to be?

Traits :
1. Do you have any physical weaknesses (disease, scars, and missing limbs?)
2. Are you right handed or left handed?
3. What languages do you speak? What do you sound like? Do you have an accent?
4. Do you have any odd mannerisms, annoying habits, or other defining characteristics?
5. Do you have (or want to get) any tattoos or piercing? Why do you have them (or will get them) ?

Occupations :
1. What is your occupation?
2. Do you like/dislike your work? Why?
3. If you could be anything you wanted to, what would you be?
4. What occupation do you admire the most? Why?
5. What occupation do you lest like? Why?

Childhood :
1. What sort of child were you?
2. What is your favorite memory from childhood?
3. What is your worst memory from childhood?
4. What sort of relationship did you have with your parents?
5. Who was your most influential rolemodel?

Education :
1. What sort of education do you have?
2. Do you like/dislike learning?
3. Where or how did you learn most of your skills/abilities?
4. How do you learn best?
5. What are your educational goals for the future?

Relationships :
1. Do you form close bonds with people? Why? Why not?
2. Do you trust people easily? If not, why not?
3. Do you consider yourself straight, gay, bi, or something else?
4. Have you ever been kissed? If so, describe the first time.
5. Have you ever had sex? If so, describe the first time.

Drugs and Alcohol :
1. Have you ever been drunk? If so, describe your first time.
2. Do you like to drink on a regular basis?
3. What sort of alcohol do you prefer?
4. Have you ever tried drugs (mood altering substances)? If so, which kinds and what did you think of them?
5. What do you think of drugs and alcohol? Be specific.

Likes and Dislikes :
1. What are your hobbies?
2. Do you like to read?
3. What annoys you more than anything else?
4. What do you find the most relaxing activity to do?
5. What kinds of things embarrass you? Why?

Favorites :
1. What is your favorite color or colors?
2. What is your favorite time of day?
3. What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?
4. What do you like to eat? What do you hate to eat?
5. What is your favorite type of weather? Does any kind scare you?

Outlook :
1. Are you optimistic or pessimistic?
2. What are your religious views?
3. Would you be able to kill?
4. What are your views on sex?
5. What, in your opinion, makes a successful life?

Actions :
1. What is the worst and best thing you’ve ever done?
2. What is your greatest regret?
3. What is your best/worst memory?
4. If you could change one thing about your past, what would it be and why?
5. What are you the most proud of doing in your life?

Emotions :
1. How honest are you about your thoughts and feelings with others?
2. Do you have any biases or prejudices?
3. What makes you happy?
4. Who or what, if anything, would you die for?
5. What makes you angry?

Relationships :
1. In general, how do you treat others?
2. Who is the most important person in your life, and why?
3. Who is the person you respect the most, and why?
4. Do you have a spouse or significant other? If not, describe an ideal lover.
5. Do you trust anyone to protect you? Who, and why

Group Situations :
1. Do you tend to argue with people, or avoid conflict?
2. Do you tend to take on leadership roles in social situations?
3. Do you like interacting with large groups of people? Why or why not?
4. Do you care what others think of you?
5. What do you think of others, in general?

Self Image :
1. What is your greatest strength as a person?
2. What is your greatest weakness?
3. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
4. Are you generally introverted or extroverted?
5. Are you generally organized or messy?

Beliefs :
1. What God or Goddess do you find most appealing, if any?
2. Which God or Goddess do you fear, if any?
3. Do you have any Gnosis Marks? If so, how did you receive them?
4. What lengths would you go to to please your deity?
5. Where do you draw the line at pleasing your deity? What is too much?

Life & Death :
1. What do you absolutely live for?
2. What is the best part of life?
3. What is the best part of death?
4. If you could choose, how would you want to die?
5. What is the one thing for which you would most like to be remembered after your death?

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