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Gregor Blogress

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Gregor Blogress
Date of birth477 AV (aged 46)
Place of birthAlvadas
TitleSupervisor of the Department of the Indeviant Body

A man of food as well as medicine, Gregor Blogress is known for both is work with a scalpel and his tasty treats. Though his skills do not come close to those of Alluvia Lighting he is still known for having a gift with food within his department. His large girth and odd mannerisms make him seem almost comical at times, but his talents as a healer are what keep his patients coming back to him again and again.


If stood next to the Department Head, Gregor Blorgress would name the less impressive figure. Standing only at 5’6’’, the man is large in circumference and width. A rather impressive belly hangs over his belt, and often crumbs from various meals will be found dotting the surface of the robes stretched tight over its wide surface. The man has no control when it comes to food, and it is not uncommon to see him working on a patient with a snack close at hand.

Giving little for fashion, Blogress wears simple robes of either a light blue or white, sometimes branching out to include the occasional reds or greens. It is rare that the man wears anything besides robes, as most leggings and shirts tend to be a bit tight along the waist, but if made to all his clothing would need to be custom fit.

A shining, perfectly smooth head sits on top of his wide shoulders, and his ample cheeks wobble almost comically when he talks. His expression is usually a rather sour one, as if he just smelt something unpleasant, but despite his appearance his voice is silky smooth and almost hums its way into a person’s ears. Ever present in the Supervisors hand, or in one of his pockets, is an embroiled cloth that he uses to wipe off his sweating face and head. The man is known for his active perspiration, but it is simply accepted as a result of his impressive size.


Grumpy is one word that seems to fit the Supervisor very well, and as if to live up to his name, the man often grumbles under his breath over one problem or another. His foul mood, however, does not affect his work, and if he is with a patient his words are soft and sweet and full of comfort. If, however, he is caught before his next meal his attitude might be a bit sour. On an interesting note, the Supervisor prepares his own meals and snacks himself, and his cooking skills have become almost a legend within the department. If asked the man might be willing to prepare a treat for some within the department, especially if they stroke his ego a bit.

Despite all appearances, and attitudes, Blogress is an excellent man of medicine, and his skills are second only to the Department Head herself. His stubby fingers are swift and efficient with a needle and thread, and his precision with a scalpel leads some to wonder about this man’s past. His speed and accuracy are almost supernatural, and he closes sutures within moments of starting. Then he quickly grabs his snack before setting off to his next appointment, grumbling all the way. Though he would not be a man some would wish to have a drink with, he is what all should wish for in a healer.

His respect for the mistress of the department is well known, and the Supervisor tries his best to please the woman. To her he does not show his show his sour side, but instead tries to smile and be merry, which often leads to him wearing a painful looking grimace instead of a smile. Even if it is not the best show of his loyalties, his manner around her makes it clear that he would do anything she asked without question. It is a loyalty that borders the line of infatuation, and at times Blogress might be compared to a lost puppy following after his master’s heels.