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Ebonlord Gru'tral
Date of birth5 AV (aged 518)
Place of birthSyliras Region
TitleSupreme Commander of the Ebonstryfe
Weapon: Axes55

Gru'tral is a Druvin; the first created by The Voice and reigns over the Ebonstryfe as its supreme commander. Unlike most other druvin, Gru'tral does not carry himself with a supernatural beauty. Instead, he looks somewhat haggard and brutish in a way; giving off an aura of fear and intimidation. He is huge even by druvin standards; standing nearly eight feet in height and weighing nearly 400 lbs. Like other druvin, his mass is muscular and defined though his skin appears more weathered and tight. Gru'tral dresses in emerald and black colored armor emblazoned with symbols of the Ebonstryfe. His voice is impossibly deep and guttural; his hair black tipped with silver and white.

None know who Gru'tral was before his transformation and none have dared dig for such information and lived. It is known that he was the first druvin created by The Voice following the Valterrian. At the time, the transformation process was not yet perfected and Rhysol's blood was not then used as part of the ritual. Instead, the essence of Rhysol's realm of chaos was used. This is believed to be the reason for the Ebonlord's differing appearance compared to that of other druvin. Gru'tral's existence is best described as being the middle ground of a druvin and a Dravlak.

Gru'tral is a master of leeching and thus draws his magical power from outside sources. Because of this, he often sends loyal triads of Ebonstryfe paladins on missions to capture wizards. These wizards are brought before the Ebonlord to be drained of all magical power in order to fuel Gru'tral's never ending hunger for it.

A leader second only to The Voice, Gru'tral has reigned supreme over the Ebonstryfe since its inception and those few druvin who dared challenge him for the position have since become victims of his wrath.