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Image:Scroll2.png "From the Burning Lands and back. Heh, maybe I should write a book on it?”
- Hyssypiavaazier, Viper Ambassador
RaceDhani (Viper)
Date of birth326 AV (aged 197)
Place of birthEkytol
Land Navigation45
Gnosis marks

Hyssypiavaazier is the Dhani ambassador from the Viper nest in Eyktol, also serving as a loose connection to the eastern world. Having set up shop in Zinrah, he has become known for his skills in politics, even if he can be rather venomous at times. In spite of such, the constrictors only see him as a rare exception to the general outlook on Vipers. They pride themselves with the thought that Zinrah has changed him for the better.



Born and raised in Eyktol, Vaazier quickly caught onto the circulating politics amongst the local Eypharians in their city, Ahnatep. A life-time spent in the gilded city opened many doors for him, eventually landing him a status among his higher peers. With the blessings of his Queen and Goddess, the viper made the journey across the desert to the dead citadel of Black Rock. From there, he managed to find a guide to Zinrah before being left to the Myrian blockade. The small and agile viper made his way into Zinrah, presented himself, and was laughed at. Marked by Siku, he was welcomed that much. Given time, however, Vaazier did prove himself amongst the constrictors, even taking on a few of their customs in Zinrah. The Dhani now serves as a direct portal between Falyndar in the west and Eyktol in the east.


Vaazier’s skin is actually pale in color, marked by hues of yellow and gold. The lighting in Zinrah makes him appear green and orange. For a viper, he is awkwardly build, a strength he adapted from dwelling in Zinrah. “When in Zinrah,” one learns to wrestle inevitably. He caught on and progressed, suffering his fair share of defeats and victories alike. A fair share for a viper, at least, as vipers are so inferior to their constrictor brethren physically. In time, he proved himself to be a worthy Dhani. Proof of his citizenship wouldn’t come until he learned his many scars though. The Myrian’s unbiased hatred towards outsiders pushed Vaazier towards the constrictors all the more. After a few swift bites and rolling heads delivered, he proved himself a constrictor like any other. His fangs are kept hidden until he needs to bite. His viper eyes always give him a vicious look.

Vaazier’s profession keeps him moving. In terms of literal appearances, he moves between the nests in Falyndar and Eyktol every few years to keep politics relatively fresh. He’s careful to not use the same date or route twice – or does he, the Myrians never know – to ensure his survival the best he can.

Vaazier is presently in Zinrah until some odd date in the year 515 A.V. Vaazier will return to Falyndar a bit more than year later, travel time inclusive.


Vaazier stays close to his roots, admiring the higher end of life that was custom in Eyktol. He’s brought what parts of the region that he could to Zinrah on a variety of trips in and out of the blockade. He has high standards and expects others live up to them, much like the constrictors expected so highly of him in impossible scenarios. Oddly enough, he is trustworthy and honest. He maintains his title and word like his life depends on it – for in fact, it does – and serves the Queen Snhamtanabis to the letter, as well as his own. He enjoys being able to travel between his homes across the continent. The jungle is particularly interesting to him, as exhibited in his profound enthusiasm for plants and poisons to be made from them.


In Zinrah, Vaazier’s contacts are unlimited. He has proven himself a member of the nest through and through providing poisons and knowledge of lands and people far, far away from the nest in Falyndar. He answers foremost to Queen Snhamtanabis and her most trusted. Sshnahiari likes to strike a conversation or two on the side with the viper as well. Vaazier welcomes conversation in general, and is usually up for helping guide people through the jungle, given the time to prepare.

Hyssypiavaazier’s Appearances