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Image:Scroll2.png "ARTICLE 257. No incantations of a vulgar, insulting or otherwise disrespectful nature shall be tolerated within the Society, regardless of intent, tone and language. The masters' council may, upon majority ruling, impose that a trangressor be subject to partial or total amputation of the tongue."
- Rules of Conduct at the Martial Wizard Society in Suvan

An incantation is any spoken or chanted phrase used to aid spellcasting in personal magic. They work just like gestures, except they assist the caster through speech instead of movement, and most wizards will pick either one or the other, rarely both. Incantations are a mind-focusing tool that helps novice students enter the correct state of mind for using magic; as such, high-level wizard rarely make use of incantations except during times of heavy stress. Incantations have no actual magical power and do not make "formulas" that produce a given effect; any wizard may freely pick whatever phrases suit their tastes, and in any language. Some wizards have been known to speak nonsense, others utter sentences in the ancient tongue, and still others recite poems and statements in the common tongue.