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Image:Scroll2.png "Wizard Sharaia gave me a stern look. 'Eight years of this and you still need to wave your hands around for something so simple? That should tell you something, Shaik.' I knew I was going to be knee deep in trouble for this, but I just heard myself blurting out the reply that would have me expelled. 'Yes, ma'am, it tells me that I still have hands despite the teaching staff's best efforts to the contrary.'"
- Vuld Shaik, "Magic and I"

A gesture is any coordinated body motion that is used to aid in the casting of personal magic. While mostly utilized by less experienced wizards, more accomplished mages will still make use of gestures when additional precision is needed, or under very stressful situations. There is no such thing as universal gestures, as these depend entirely on the individual wizard. Gestures can be used together with their spoken equivalent, incantations, though most wizards will opt for one or the other.