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Izurdin's Hammer

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"For the Kingdom!" - Hammer Battle Cry

Izurdin's Hammer is the name given to the elite Isurian military force that defends the kingdom from threats both inside and out. Made up of around 750 of the greatest Isurian warriors the kingdom has to offer, Izurdin's Hammer is the first and last line of defense when faced with deadly threats.



The Hammer was originally founded ages ago in honor of Lord Ventar Brutalias Coglias, the founder of the Coglias clan. While the isur have always maintained a military force, the Hammer is considered be above and beyond all others.

In the time before the Valterrian, the Hammer numbered in the thousands. They were feared and/or respected by nearly every other military force in the land. This reputation was earned via the Hammer's discipline, efficiency and brutality. Members of the Hammer were trained to work as a cohesive force. They ate, slept, trained and lived with one another; a bond formed as strong as isurian steel. Such brother/sisterhood allowed the Hammer to act with one mind, anticipating each other's moves and allowing them to strike and defend with almost unnatural skill. In battle, the Hammer struck down their enemies with extreme force. Wading into combat with only their metallic arms as weapons, the Hammer physically beat their foes to death.

The Hammer helped the Isurian Kingdom to grow to grand proportions. While not nearly as expansive as the human empires, the Isur grew to be a force to be noticed, due in no small part, to the might of the Hammer.

Led exclusively by members of the Coglias clan, the Hammer continued to be a force to be reckoned with up until the days before and after the Valterrian. Even before the great cataclysm hit, there was conflict within the ranks of the Hammer. There were signs that something horrific was about to crash down upon the peoples of Mizahar. Izurdin, always patient, had set back and watched events transpire among the humans. He connected all the dots that would lead to the Valterrian yet did not act. He did however send word to his most faithful among the isur to prepare their people for the greatest test of strength ever endured. The Council of Ten convened to discuss Izurdin's message. Unfortunately, another god's words had been whispered into the minds of some of those who had been chosen to hear Izurdin's word. This god, since rumored to be the architect of the Valterrian, Rhysol, spread lies and whipsers of betrayal. The Council became divided with half choosing to heed Izurdin's warnings, the other half choosing to follow the lies of Rhysol. The Hammer became caught in the middle.

Even before the Valterrian, the Hammer was made up of members from all clans. When the Council of Ten became divided by Rhysol's lies, their representitives among the Hammer also fell victim. Bonds were broken and the Hammer turned upon itself. Brother against brother, the Hammer struggled with conflict from within and was severely weakened. When the Valterrian fell upon Mizahar, the Hammer was caught unprepared. The great city of Izurith was obliterated by a volcano that arose in its center as Ivak's rage was unleashed. In the destruction, beasts imprisoned long ago by isurian wizards, were unleashed. The Hammer, shattered by internal conflict, was unable to hold back the onslaught. Broken by the destruction of their capital city and terrorized by enemies of old, the isur were forced to flee their home; the Hammer was disgraced.

Following the destruction of Izurith and the Kingdom as a whole, those who stayed true to Izurdin's warning survived. Those who wavered in their faith were lost. The test of strength had just begun and only five of the original ten clans remained. As the exodust continued, the Hammer, now disgraced for its inability to maintain cohesion and protect their race, ironically became the backbone of the survivors. While indeed there were great figures from Sultros clan as well as others who led the race as saviors, the isur began to look once again to the Hammer for physical protection. The journey from Izurith was long and dangerous. The Valterrian was still reshaping the land and its denizens. The isur, only numbering a few thousand, fled into the mountains even as the landforms reshaped themselves. Dangers both magical and mundane unleashed horror upon horror upon the survivors. Though disgraced, the Hammer never abandoned their duty to protecting their people and in fact stepped up to a level above and beyond anything ever before experienced. From the ashes of the old Hammer, a new one was forged. Bonds were reborn and brotherhood forever solidified. The journey from Izurith into the Kitrean Mountains took a few years. During that time, the Hammer, now numbering less than a 1,000 members, became ever more hardened and disciplined. Every challenge met only served to further elevate the Hammer in the eyes of their brethren.

With the eventual founding of Sultros and the building of the New Kingdom, the Hammer was officially re-established as the elite military force of the Isurian race. Over the centuries to follow, the Hammer remained small in number, easily under 1,000 strong. Though they maintain units in all Isurian cities, citadels and outposts, the Hammer answers only to the King. This was established after the events of the Valterrian where members of the Hammer answered to commanders assigned by the various clans.

The Organization

Izurdin's Hammer operates as a brotherhood where all members are brothers in arms, regardless of clan affiliation. They serve the Kingdom and answer to the King. Since their reliance on weapons and armor is low, the cost to fund such a force is also low. Once does not become a part of the Hammer for wealth.

   Headquarters: Sultros Citadel 
   Members: A little less than 1,000
   Hierarchy: Rank By Abilities
   Leader: Raigas Anvil Coglias
   Symbol: A Hammer over a Shield

Allies and Enemies

Just as the Kingdom itself claims no allies, the Hammer has none as well. Enemies of the Hammer include the various tribes of humans that wander the Unforgiving. Any who wish to exploit or threaten the Kingdom are considered enemies of the Hammer. Threats to the King and his rule may also find the Hammer as a powerful obstacle.

Ethics and Attitudes

The Hammer avoids favoritism in ranks though it highly values strength and skill among its members. Thus, if one shows themselves to be physically greater and possesses more skill than their peers, they may find greater opportunties than they would otherwise. Some families may have somewhat greater pull within the Hammer yet this is almost always due to having a history of having very strong, skilled members within the Hammer. Regardless of family, power or background, the whole of the Hammer acts as a brotherhood. As soon as someone becomes a member, they gain lifelong siblings. The Hammer, while acting with honor in many ways, show no quarter to enemies. They will use any and all advantages to overcome a foe although they will always resort to overpowering and out performing first. As with all Isur, members of the Hammer are very confident to the point of conceded. This display of ego is noticeably greater in the Hammer yet it is not unfounded.

Brutality, while encouraged when unleashing upon a foe, is acceptable only directly upon the enemy themselves. Thus, when a foe is dispatched, the battle is over. Honor however is reserved only for fellow Isur, non-Isur are considered to be without honor and even if the Hammer is on moderate terms with an outside force, they do not view the other as equals worthy of full trust.

Heirarchy of the Hammer

The Hammer is led by Raigas Anvil Coglias, The Steel Hammer. He commands Izurdin's Hammer from Sultros Citadel with a command that is second only to the King. After him, Simas Fistfall Coglias the Iron Hammer, institutes Raigas' commands and oversees the field commanders. Field commanders, baring the rank of Bronze Hammer, serve as the leaders of three separate divisions. The Bronze Hammers, three in all, operate from outposts located on the borders to the North, South and East of Sultros. The Iron Hammer commands the Western Division from Sultros itself. Beneath the Bronze Hammers are the Copper Hammers. These individuals, command smaller Hammer units throughout the Kingdom. A unit consists of roughly twenty Hammers with duties ranging from patrolling the borders to being garrisoned in one of the trading outposts found throughout the Kingdom.

Title Unit Type Unit Size Pay/Day
Steel Hammer All of Izurdin's Hammer 1,000 Hammers 75 gm
Iron Hammer All of Izurdin's Hammer 1,000 Hammers 45 gm
Bronze Hammer Division 250 Hammers 25 gm
Copper Hammer Unit 20 Hammers 10 gm
Hammer none 0 5 gm

Hammers may be trained from birth to be members or isur of older ages may be accepted based on their strength and skill. Within a unit, a Copper Hammer may designate individuals to lead smaller groups of 5 or 10 Hammers yet this is not an official rank and may change as necessary for a mission.

Izurdin's Hammer Symbol
Izurdin's Hammer Helmet and Breastplate

Crests, Rank, and Armor of the Hammer

The crest of the Hammer can be seen on every weapon wielded by individual Hammers and on their breastplates. It is also found on the Hammer Barracks in Sultros Citadel. The Hammer does not carry flags or similar decoration into battle as they feel the symbols will be seen by the enemy as they gaze one last time upon the armor or weapon of the Hammer that crushes them.

A Hammer's rank is displayed by the presence and color of breastplates. The average Hammer wears a simple leather breastplate baring the symbol of a hammer on a shield. As one's rank increases, their breastplate becomes more elaborate. A Copper Hammer wears an isurian steel breastplate the color of copper. A Bronze Hammer wears one colored bronze while the Iron Hammer wears a breastplate of deep grey with a gold hammer and shield emblazoned on the right breast. The Steel Hammer wears a breastplate of the brightest silver with a silver hammer upon a gold shield. The Hammer's armor consists of a single breastplate. Sometimes, a Hammer may wish to be less conspicuous thus they forgoe the breastplate. In this case, their rank can still be noticed by the tattoo upon their right breast which consists of the hammer and shield.

Admission into the Hammer

While nepotism is present within the rank of the Hammer, admission is the same for all Hammers. When one wishes to become a Hammer, they must announce their intentions to a Hammer in good standing who may then announce the potential member to the ranking Hammer of their unit. This may be a Copper Hammer, Bronze Hammer or the Steel Hammer depending on the announcing Hammer's rank. The potential member must submit their qualifications to the ranking Hammer who then follows up with a test to determine whether or not the potential member can back up their supposed qualifications. This almost always consists of the ranking Hammer choosing an existing Hammer to battle the potential member in a wrestling match. Depending on the potential member's performance, they may either be admitted or denied. Admission based on performance is relative however. If the potential member wins the match, they are accepted. If they lose, they may still be accepted depending on how close the match was. Those who are not accepted, may reapply two more times before being denied membership indefinitely.

Prerequisites for joining The Hammer

In order to be considered for announcement to a ranking Hammer, a potential member must possess some amount of skill in order to back up any proposed qualifications. Tales of great displays of strength and skill help although substance is necessary. The following skills are required before one can hope to become a potential member of the Hammer:

Wrestling: 20 pts

Body Building 10 pts

Brawling 10 pts

There are no exceptions for the required skills. All Hammers must be physically powerful, capable of subduing a foe with their bare hands and be capable of using their environment to enhance their combat skills. The Hammer does not value magical skills; they leave those to the Sentinels. Any potential members exhibiting magical skills other than Magecraft, can expect to be directed to the Sentinels and are not allowed entry into the Hammer.

The Hammer and Anvil

When a potential member of the Hammer wins their wrestling match against a standing member or does well enough to be accepted, they are brought before the Iron Hammer and undergoe the Rite of the Anvil. The Anvil as it is known is not all that complicated. The potential member, having successfully reached the point where they are presented to the Iron Hammer for acceptance, must stand before him. The Iron Hammer, his metallic fist heated to a glow, then unleashes his most powerful punch to the potential member's chest. The strike burns a tattoo into the member's chest in the form of the hammer and shield. The punch feels like nothing else; the pain is unforgettable. The burning does not only mark the flesh but the soul as well. Once a Hammer, always a Hammer.


The Hammer is completely devoted to Izurdin. From Izurdin they find strength and through Izurdin they define it.


The Hammer is responsible for defending the Kingdom from threats both outside as well as inside. Specific duties vary and may include patrolling lands controlled by the Kingdom; including its borders, keeping watch over a number of outposts scattered across the Kingdom, guarding the King and other influential members of the Council of Five and spreading the Kingdom's justice to those who would threaten its existence. Although rare, some assignments may lead a Hammer outside of the Kingdom. These assignments generally involve serving as an escort for the overland transport of trade goods to other lands. As the Kingdom gradually continues to open itself to the outside world, such escort missions will likely become more common.

Playing a Hammer

Only Isur may become members of Izurdin's Hammer. There are no exceptions, no substitutions and no allowance for anyone other than an Isur. Half-Isur are not accepted as members of the Hammer due to the perception that their mixed-blood makes them weak.

Starting as a Full Hammer

One may begin play as a full member of the Hammer. A Help Desk request is still required and must include a story detailing one's seeking a ranking member, being accepted by that member and announced to a ranking member. They must also detail their wrestling match against another Hammer followed by the Hammer and Anvil. A starting character must also possess the required skills with no exceptions or substitutions.

As a Hammer, one enjoys some amount of respect from other isur. One is also expected to act with honor and respect to other isur. Their daily lives consist of training and duty. One's duties depends on their assignment. Assignments for most Hammers involve patrol, guard duty and escort. The more skilled a Hammer is and the more they stand out from their peers, the better the assignment. Such enhanced assignments may include exploration, invasion and hunting for ancient isurian ruins.

Scenes for a Hammer

When playing a Hammer, one is welcome to self-mod training threads as well as mission threads. However, any use of higher ranking characters must be approved and/or modded by a storyteller.

Wages, Living Expenses and Equipment

Hammers benefit from having their basic living expenses covered. Hammers live at a Common quality of living without having to pay the required maintenance for such a lifestyle. They may expect to live at this level anywhere within the Kingdom. This does not substitute for the character's starting package house which cannot be traded in for 500 gm if one begins play as a Hammer. Outside the Kingdom however, the Hammer loses such benefit. Copper and Bronze Hammers enjoy a Good quality of living while the Iron and Steel Hammers can expect an Exquisite quality of living. Wages are based on rank with most Hammers receiving 455 gm per Season. Wages are also only received while operating within the confines of the Kingdom.

As far as equipment is concerned, Izurdin's Hammer relies primarily on unarmed combat skills as their main focus of offense and defense. That said, individual Hammers receive a breastplate; the type based on rank. In addition, they may have one weapon of choice as long as they possess at least 15 points in that weapon's skill. The Hammer does not tolerate the unskilled handling weapons in combat as it is a danger to both the individual as well as their brothers and sisters in arms. Said weapon is either bladed, blunt or ranged (rare) and is forged of isurian steel. These weapons are generally medium-sized and displayed with pride.

Equipment is distributed based on Skill and Rank.

Hammer - Hammers with a weapon skill of at least 15 points will be issued an isurian steel weapon in that skill. In addition, they are issued a leather breastplate baring the symbol of the Hammer as well as a leather helmet. (Acquisition Thread and Help Desk Request Required for the weapon)

Copper Hammer - Upon promotion to this rank, Izurdin's Hammer grants the individual a special medallion imparted upon with L2 Izentor. The medallion allows the Hammer to channel the might of their faith through their weapon; allowing it cause a serious wound once per combat scene. If the Hammer does not use a weapon, the medallion may be fused to their armor which allows them to absorb a single serious wound per combat scene. The nature of this power is set upon acquisition and cannot be changed. They also trade in their leather breastplate for one made of copper colored isurian steel and a similar helmet. (Acquisition Thread and Help Desk Request Required for the medallion armor and helmet)

Bronze Hammer - Bronze Hammers are gifted with a piece of cloth from the cape of Ventar Coglias, founder of Izurdin's Hammer. The cloth is tied around the Hammer's metallic arm and effectively doubles the strength of that arm; epic proportions for an isur. Their armor is also traded in for bronze colored isurian steel armor. (Acquisition Thread and Help Desk Request Required for the cloth, armor and helmet)

Iron Hammer - The Iron Hammer, in addition to trading in his armor for black colored isurian steel armor, is gifted with the helmet of Ventar Coglias. The helmet bares an L3 Mark of Izurdin. The helmet enhances the Hammer's senses in a way that they gain a +35 to their Observation skill while the helmet is worn. In addition, they are able to sense movement around them within a 15' radius, regardless of being able to see it or not. (Acquisition Thread and Help Desk Request Required for the armor and helmet)

Steel Hammer - The Steel Hammer trades in his armor for the silver isurian steel armor of his station. In addition, the Steel Hammer wields the Hammer of Ventar Coglias; an isurian steel hammer with L3 Izentor. When wielded and used to strike the ground, Ventar's hammer can cause localized quakes in the earth; causing small fissures to form, damage to mundane structures and making it difficult for others in the area to remain standing. (A 1d100 roll against a difficulty of 65 to remain standing). When a Hammer's amulet is used to channel their faith through the hammer, blows from the hammer will never cause anything less than a Moderate wound.

Leaving the Hammer and Ex-Hammers

It is an extremely rare event when one leaves the Hammer; be it voluntary or not. Such an event is somewhat brutal and even more painful than facing the Rite of the Anvil. Regardless of the circumstances for leaving, the would-be ex-Hammer is brought before the Iron Hammer once more. The Iron Hammer again heats his metallic hand. No words are spoken as the message is made clear in the eyes of the Iron Hammer as he places his hand upon the ex-Hammer's chest; the place where he bares his tattoo. The Iron Hammer proceeds to tear the flesh from the ex-Hammer, causing pain enough to send the ex-Hammer to their knees while ensuring a horrific scar is formed. The ex-Hammer feels the pain so deep that their soul is also scarred such that they may even experience echoes of the pain throughout both past and future lives. Upon their exit from the Hammer, the ex-Hammer loses the bond with their former brothers and sisters. If the separation was voluntary, the isur may return to society as they were before becoming a Hammer; they are considered as having never been a part of the order to begin with. Those who are forced out for one reason or another, are also banished from the Kingdom itself as their disgrace cannot be tolerated by any true isur.