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She's not bitter, she's disagreeable
Date of birth467 AV (aged 56)
Place of birthAlvadas

Jahoma is a rather plump woman with fair skin. She has grey hair and a thin drawn out face. She regularly wears simple black cotton clothes when out of her Speaker uniform. She has lived a hard life, and it shows on her face. Despite that, it is hard to see her without a smile. She's easy to anger, but in truth she rather enjoys being angry. She usually doesn't bother styling her hair, and leaves it mid-length.


Jahoma is not bitter. She's disagreeable. She does not bother learning other peoples names, instead giving them nicknames based on her first impression. She has no friends, and honestly never wanted any. She is set in her ways, and does not listen to anyone who tries to change them. She dislikes almost everyone, but has been known to take a fancy to the odd or defiant.

She is a Speaker for the Womiyu, and finds her greatest joy in humiliating others. In truth she cares little for Ionu. Instead she joined solely to cause misery to others. She is most definitely sadistic, but is lawful too. She upholds laws and regulations, and gives others begrudging respect if they do the same. If they don't, she won't hesitate to do her job.

She speaks her mind regularly and enjoys insulting others. She even enjoys being insulted, to some degree. She finds strife, and all suffering hilarious, and as such does not hold grudges to those who might do her harm. Whether others hold grudges against her is another story.


Jahoma was born to two drunkards, who barely even stayed sober enough to realize they had a daughter. As such she rarely, if ever, had any supervision of any kind. She had no friends as a child, and often vented by tearing the legs of small reptiles and mammals. She delighted in the release, and it made her feel much better about her situation as she saw the animals suffer.

As she grew older, this grew to people. She would often set up rather vicious pranks on others, laughing at their misery. She once pranked the wrong person, however, and accidentally crossed paths with a Speaker. The Speaker, however, was kind and had pity on her. He took her on as an apprentice, and channeled her destructive energy into her work. He also attempted to show her the glory of Ionu, though he never really succeeded.