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Jakai of the Patient Shadows
Date of birth484 AV (aged 39)
Place of birthTaloba
TitleJakai of the Patient Shadows

Jakai of the Patient Shadows is the second in command of Kreesha. An accomplished warrior and spiritist, she is one of the few Myrians who have the mark of both Myri and Dira, and she actually has two of marks from the Goddess of Death where as she only has one from the Goddess of War. Despite this, Jakai is still a true-bred Myrian and follows the ideals of her people, though many say she is the polar opposite of her fang leader. Whereas Kreesha is ruthless and unforgiving, Jakai is diplomatic and nurturing. Many who have served under the pair often remark that she provides a counterbalance to the force of destruction that is Kreesha. One must not be deceived by Jakai's nature however, for she is still a ferocious fighter. There are rumors that she and Kreesha are lovers though neither one has confirmed or denied those tales.


Orphaned at an early age when both her parents were killed by some strange beast in the swamplands of Falyndar, Jakai was adopted by a local shaman who passed on to her the art of communing with spirits - a useful skill as Taloba, an ardent ally of nearby Black Rock, employed ghosts to perform certain tasks a flesh and blood Myrian could not. She had learned it well, and had even gone to Dira's city to continue her study of Spiritism. She did not forget her roots however, and soon returned to her home city to accept the mark of Myri when she became of age.

Soon after she served her mandatory three years in the army. During that time, she caught the eye of a fang leader, Kreesha, both because of her unique skill and her defensive, yet effective, fighting style of combining spear and shield - a rarity among the Myrian warriors, who favored wielding twin weapons or massive two-handed ones. Jakai was offered a position in Kreesha's fang and, in no time, easily rose through the ranks to become the second in command.