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Date of birth425 AV (aged 98)
Place of birthMura
TitleOwner of Forest Meridian House
Interior Design62
Gnosis marks

Jalka has always been unassuming and introverted, although she found a passion for inner architecture, design and painting. Contrary to the ordinary artist, she has never left Mura though, learning and drawing inspiration from other artforms and the architecture of her ancestors. At the age of fifty, after a five-year pause from creating, she presented the community with surprisingly extraordinary designs. That resulted in a sudden career boost and several commissions for the mothers circle. A major part of the buildings created after the opening of Konti Isle to the mainland has been designed by her, for example Silver Dragon Emporium or Pearl Divers Inn. When meeting Pu'veo, though, she got hooked by the younger woman’s vision and indulged in designing a unique and eccentric location.


Although she doesn’t care for good looks, Jalka features an exotic beauty that is unparalleled among the Konti. Her face is elongated with blue eyes narrowly almond-shaped and lips the hue of cranberry. Because she hardly ever thinks about anything else but her current project, her hair is always messy and windblown from outdoor research. She walks with a quiet strength that cannot be detected at first sight. Her demeanor and body language appears kind of hollow and ignorant, but if one truly attracts her attention, her coolness warms up visibly.