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Date of birth459 AV (aged 64)
Place of birthMura
TitleOwner of Forest Meridian House
Gnosis marks

In her childhood and youth, Pu’veo has been notorious for her love for parties and handsome men. She’d throw parties at her mother’s house and invite half of Mura for a night of glitter, dancing and socializing. She’d also know every foreigner who was staying in Mura and try to seduce them into her bed. Fortunately, she never spawned a child from her one-night stands – or maybe she did and managed to get rid of it quick enough. When growing older, she tried out several art forms and crafts and learned from several mistresses, but nothing truly caught her interest. During those excursions into the world of arts she met Jalka. Together the two of them developed the idea of a café and social hot spot. Pu’veo hopes to establish a glamorous nightlife like she has experienced in Ahnatep.


Pu’veo is vain and tries to appear as young as usual. Her haircut is short and eccentric, her skin fair and pale and she always wears a bit of make-up lining her brown eyes. She moves with the grace of a dancer and dresses with taste, although she prefers gaudy colors. Her body language is self-confident and determined. Additionally, she can appear very attractive and seductive when she wishes to. Thanks to her looks, she has already had countless lovers.