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Jazak the White Tigress
Date of birth399 AV (aged 124)
Place of birthTaloba
TitleMatriarch of the Blackened Claws
Unarmed Combat74
Gnosis marks

Undoubtedly the oldest of the Blackened Claws, Jazak has lived through the entire last century and watched what it held for the Myrians. Yet still she persists in life, long after most others would have rolled over and died. She claims that her longevity is of no surprise, for the jungle has been around for multiple millennia and she is one with it. However, her mortality has been proven over and again on their many hunts, and many Claws fear that they will soon lose their awe-inspiring Matriarch.

So old is she that the White Tigress' reputation is known among those who are in charge of Taloba, with varying opinions in regards to her ways and her clan. She stays out of the politics of the city, however, preferring her clan lands and her kin that works them.

Rarely seen outside of her titular animal form, Jazak is an example of a Morpher whose body lost sight of how it looked originally. She is not used as a cautionary tale, however, rather held up as a model of one who has advanced so far in their ancestral art that she has truly become one of the jungle. Matriarch for the past fifty or so years, she has grown wise in leading her clan and often appears to sense its needs before anyone puts a voice to them. She is far from inactive despite being such an old Matriarch, often disappearing during the day and sometimes returning with killed prey. Sometimes she hunts, sometimes she goes out to meditate on her ancestral magic and the matters of her clan and the jungle. Come nightfall, she sleeps in front of the clan longhouse rather than inside, preferring the more open area of their clan lands to the relatively cramped interior.

If one can catch her before she disappears, they will find that Jazak has many stories to tell of the Myrians over the past century, as well as plenty of wise advice for her own clanswomen. She will periodically give lessons in Morphing to the children of the clan, encouraging them to practice on their own and correcting malign trains of thought where she can.