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Jenna Aviak

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Jenna Aviak

Morwen's Assistant
RaceHuman, Mixed (Vantha/Inarta)
Date of birth480 AV (aged 43)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitleQueen Morwen's Personal Assistant
Gnosis marks

Physical Description

Jenna Aviak is a slender woman who stands at a height of 5'6. She has long dark hair with slight red undertones. Her eyes are a deep mahogany color and at times people cannot tell whether they are a rich brown or a dark red. Jenna is a quiet woman who takes her job very seriously. She does not like to be lax when it comes to her work because in her opinion, Morwen does not have time for mistakes or complications. She can be a little uptight at times, but really she is just a kind woman who honestly wants to do her best at her job. She has three marks from Morwen: one on her bicep, one on her right hip, and one on her shoulder.

Other Information

For as long as she can remember, Jenna Aviak has been faithfully serving Morwen as her assistant. Jenna's job includes checking in all visitors, keeping the castle in check, and taking care of any small tasks that Morwen needs taken care of. Jenna loves her job because she gets to do what every Vantha dreams of doing, helping her queen. Jenna often works with the Icewatch coordinating schedules or mating sessions with the kelvic bears. Often if Morwen needs to speak to someone she will send Jenna out to get them and bring them to the castle.

Jenna is kind and very accommodating although at times she does get a bit flustered. She takes her job very seriously and will stop at nothing to get Morwen what she needs. Morwen herself has told her to take it easy, but Jenna refuses. She enjoys the busy schedule and claims she likes the excitement. Jenna has her own room in the castle so she can always be on call for Morwen.