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The Icewatch of Avanthal is the city's protection and security. They were put in place by Morwen to keep the city safe from danger both domestic and foreign. Their ranks are primarily made up of Vantha and their Kelvic Dire Polar Bear bond mates but on occasion others are welcomed to join.



When Morwen first planned to settle her children in the harsh lands of Taldera it was clear to see that the Vantha would need protection from the large beasts that roamed the land of snow. Icewatch was originally a group of hunters who would guard over the Vantha as they built their city. Their main job was to hunt the beasts that ventured too close to the growing city. Without them Avanthal would have never been built.

At the head of these hunters was a man named Waelyn who later went on to become the first leader of Icewatch. He was a fair but demanding leader. He took his position from Morwen very seriously and made sure every hunter who joined him did the same. At this time, Icewatch only took the best hunters. There was no room for those who were squeamish or lazy. Their group was held together by hard work and most importantly, teamwork. One man alone could not take down the Talderan beasts on his own. Waelyn gave his hunters the name Icewatch for a simple reason, they watched the ice around them without a break. They would stand firm until a city stood in the frozen north.

Once the city was built, Icewatch found continued need for their existence. The massive Icewall protected Avanthal but within the city there was still a need for the Icewatch. A group to make sure the citizens remained as hard working and benevolent as when they were building the city. People were beginning to steal and fight. It was only a matter of time before this happened. It is human nature to begin the workings of chaos. Due to this growing crime Waelyn started to take groups of his hunters and walk through the city on patrol. Those who were committing crimes were given the choice to stop or be exiled from the city. The ruling was harsh but in Waelyn's mind, fair. There was not room in the new city for those who felt the need to be malevolent. Most people got used to the Icewatch as they were thankful someone was keeping an eye out for them. Others felt Waelyn took too many liberties in his position and strongly believed he was trying to take over the city. For a few years there was a small but vengeful resistance to Icewatch but as the years went on their numbers began to wane. They either got used to the presence of Icewatch or simply left the city. Morwen granted Waelyn the title of Vantiguida, a title that is given to every leader of the Icewatch.

As Icewatch's influence on the city grew and solidified others started to join their ranks. These new members did not have to be hunters. Some were fighters while others were healers. As the numbers grew Waelyn saw that Icewatch was in need of a headquarters of sorts and a division of workers. By this time the Holds had been established as well as their leaders. Waelyn sought out the assistance of Iceglaze Hold from their leader Surriah Iceglaze and asked for her Hold’s help in making a barracks for Icewatch. Surriah, as well as the rest of Iceglaze, were more than happy to help and within seasons the Icewatch Barracks stood proudly in the city.

Icewatch In Current Time

In recent times, Icewatch is known as a fit fighting force that few would want to challenge. The guards have dedicated their lives to the city and fight fiercely for its continued safety. The Icewatch both police the city’s streets as well as defend it from any external attacks. The faction is made up of bonded Kelvics and humans with the exception of apprentices who have not bonded yet. If one person in a bonded pair dies, the other person is given the option to retire from Icewatch or become an apprentice again until they have bonded with someone new. This decision is often the hardest a guard must make after the passing of their bondmate with whom they had developed a deep and lasting partnership.

Due to the growth of Icewatch it has over time developed new ways of organizing itself to protect the city more efficiently. Currently, Icewatch is divided into eight branches that each oversee a different part of the city and specialize in a different set of skills. Each branch is overseen by a branch commander known as a Sulnara who organizes patrol schedules, promotes guards to the rank of Sairal, and reports directly to the Vantiguida of the Icewatch Jedara Whitevine.

Typically, when Icewatch is on patrol they are sent in groups of six, one pair who leads the patrol and is known as the Sairal and two other pairs who work in unison with the Sairal The Sairal report directly to their Sulnara. Most of the time the pairs are made up of human guards and their bonded Kelvics, though sometimes pairs of unbounded apprentices are included in patrols. Patrols are rotated every ten days so guard pairs get the opportunity to work with different people and serve under different Sairals, as well as prevent monotony from constantly walking the same routes.

Icewatch members are identified by the colored band worn around their upper right arm. A simple colored band that is easily replaceable was chosen as the uniform to accommodate the Kelvic members’ need to shift quickly, which often causes the band to be destroyed or lost. The color of their band identifies which branch of the Icewatch they belong to. Bands with black stripes are used to indicate if someone is designated as a Sairal in patrols. Bands with grey stripes are used to indicate a Sulnara.


Before one can become a member of the watch, they must undergo a test, in which they are expected to survive three nights out in the Northern Wastes, sometimes by themselves, sometimes with others new recruits if there are any. The only exception to this rule is dire polar bear Kelvics who have been raised to be Icewatch guards since birth. At times, those attempting to be recruited will band together to get through the test, but oftentimes, they will not, knowing that they may not have others to depend on in the future. Most potential guards understand that this test is the first thing that will reflect on their performance as a guard and they want to show their individual skills and talent.

When considering whether or not to join Icewatch, one should consider devotion to the city of Avanthal, and for Queen Morwen, as well as their ability to navigate the area, and survive in the cold. It is suggested that before someone applies they spend time outside the walls of Avanthal learning to survive in the tundra as well as training their combat and defensive skills.

If a person passes their initiation they are given apprenticeships with the Icewatch until they bond with a Kelvic guard (or bond with a human if the apprentice is a Kelvic). Apprentices are given one year to find an appropriate bondmate though they are encouraged to choose sooner. The only way this apprenticeship can be extended is if the Kelvic guard is not deemed mature enough to bond yet.

Note: Players who wish to join the ranks of the Icewatch must take part in a thread run by the DS of Avanthal or one of their AS. No player may begin playing as a member of Icewatch, due to the group’s important role in the city.


There are eight branches of Icewatch. The branches are divided amongst the Holds and each branch is given the responsibility to patrol its Hold as well as one other assigned area so that the city is divided evenly between the branches. The branches are named after the Hold they are assigned to guard for the sake of simplicity and ease though often the branches are referred to by color. So instead of saying "Jaerith is in the Icewatch in the Winterflame Branch" a person might say "Jaerith is in Icewatch, he's orange". Though the branches are each responsible for a Hold, guard members are not forced to work in the branch that oversees their family Hold. Each guard is assigned to a branch based off their skills and interests. Guards are assigned to branches upon the completion of their apprenticeships; apprentices often rotate amongst the branches to get a feel for each.

“Iceglaze Branch” – Guards in the Iceglaze branch wear yellow armbands. They patrol the buildings and areas around the Iceglaze Hold. The Iceglaze branch also patrols Morwen’s palace as well as oversees the Icewall Gates. The Iceglaze branch has to be especially observant as they oversee two of the most important landmarks in the city. They need to be aware if people who leave the city don’t come back at night as well as ensure that no one suspicious is skulking around Morwen’s palace.

“Winterflame Branch” – Guards in the Winterflame branch wear orange armbands. They patrol the buildings and area around the Winterflame Hold as well as public spaces shared by all the Holds in the main part of the city. Because of the time spent around the Winterflame Hold most guards in this branch tend to be very knowledgeable about local flora and make sure poisonous plants are out of the reach of children. Sometimes these guards even collect plants for herbalists or other flora enthusiasts while patrolling.

“Frostfawn Branch” – Guards in the Frostfawn branch wear brown armbands. They patrol the buildings and area around the Frostfawn Hold. The Frostfawn branch also conducts short range patrols outside the walls of Avanthal though they never go so far as to lose sight of the city. When someone is missing in the Wastes or Reaches the Frostfawn branch is the first called on to patrol the area surrounding the city as well as deal with any aggressive wildlife that ventures too near.

“Skyglow Branch” – Guards in the Skyglow branch wear purple armbands. They patrol the buildings and area around the Skyglow Hold. The Skyglow Hold also guards Avanthal’s ice prison, Svanhildur. The Skyglow branch is particularly skilled in the art of interrogation and obtaining information from prisoners in Svanhildur.

“Coolwater Branch” – Guards in the Coolwater branch wear blue armbands. They patrol the buildings and area around the Coolwater Hold. The Coolwater branch also patrols the port as well as conducts rescue missions for sailors who get lost at sea and hunters who fall through the sea ice. Guards in this branch usually learn to become proficient sailors and swimmers. Morwen often grants guards in this branch with multiple marks so that they are better able to manipulate ice on the sea.

“Whitevine Branch” – Guards in the Whitevine branch wear white armbands. They patrol the buildings and area around the Whitevine Hold. These guards are skilled in the medicinal arts and provide healers for the rest of Icewatch. The Whitevine branch is the only Hold branch that is regularly split up and assigned to other branches’ patrols in order to have medics on hand whenever possible. Guards in this branch are often underestimated because of their peaceful purpose but make no mistake that they are just as skilled of fighters as any other branch in Icewatch.

“Snowsong Branch” – Guards in the Snowsong branch wear green armbands. They patrol the buildings and area around the Snowsong Hold. The Snowsong Branch is also known as the hospitality branch, and most of their works revolves around visitors to the city. They help newcomers find housing and make themselves available to answer questions about the city and living in the harsh tundra environment. These guards also keep watch on visitors who are a distrusted race or seem suspicious, consequently these guards are highly skilled investigators.

“Far Scouts” – Guards in the Far Scouts wear black armbands. The Far Scouts are the most elite branch in Icewatch and do not patrol anywhere in the city. These guards conduct long range scouting as well as the most dangerous missions assigned in Icewatch. The Far Scouts are made up of Icewatch guards from the other branches who have shown themselves to be exemplary guards and leaders. Unlike the other branches in Icewatch the Far Scouts are assigned permanently to a particular squad of six and the squad is expected to work as a cohesive team that shares leadership responsibilities. The Far Scouts is by far the smallest but most respected branch. Far Scouts are not allowed to discuss the details of the missions they undergo and some citizens darkly joke that the reason they wear black armbands is so that they are always ready for a funeral since few Far Scouts make it to old age.


All members of Icewatch worship Morwen, as the guard are the protectors of her city and her people. It is Morwen’s laws that they uphold and it is for her that they hold the highest respect and honor. There is no one among the Icewatch that does not appreciate or outright adore the winter goddess. Without her there would be no Avanthal and thus no Icewatch.

Two other deities that are commonly worshiped by the Icewatch are Caiyha, the goddess of flora and fauna, and Oriana, the goddess of bears and parenthood. They are both honored for their influence in the nature of the Icewatch polar bears. Many of the bears are taught about the mother and daughter goddesses from a young age and how they gifted them with their animal nature. There are many Frostfawn members in Icewatch, many of whom worship Caiyha and her children. Others find an affinity for the nature goddesses after being faced with the might of the dire creatures in the Northern Wastes and Reaches.

Of course, there are many other faiths found within Icewatch. Many members worship Rak'keli, usually those from Whitevine Hold but those marked by her hardly ever become part of the actual guard and instead prefer to work at the Whitevine Healing Clinic. Some of the Icewatch also worship the discipline of Wysar while others worship Tyveth’s honor. There are many gods worshiped among the Icewatch but none are superior to the worship of Morwen.

Icewatch is usually wary of allowing blatant worshipers of Uldr, Sagallius, Rhysol, Krysus, or Vayt into their numbers. Individuals marked by those gods are certainly not allowed among the ranks of the Icewatch and would be kicked out if discovered.

Suggested Skills

When attempting to qualify as a member of the Icewatch, it is suggested that a player have some of the following skills. These skills are not requisite but having these skills will help your character be better prepared for the life of an Icewatch guard:

  • Weapon (Any) - 20 to 30 pts: weapons could include various types of bows, pole-type weapons, and occasionally metal weapons though unarmed combat is the favored fighting style.
  • Magic - 20 to 30 pts: magics are mostly supportive (auristics, spiritism, etc) and help the Icewatch member carry out their duties; whether that be defending innocents, or getting information out of people. Note that Avanthal is typically distrustful of destructive magics that could get out of control.
  • Wilderness Survival- 20 to 30 pts: all Icewatch are required to know enough survival skills to survive in the tundra alone or with their bondmate if the need should ever come up. Though only the Far Scouts and Frostfawn branch regularly patrol the wilderness, if ever a large threat were to arise it is essential that all Icewatch members know how to take care of themselves.
  • Specialty Skills - It is recommended that players specialize in a skill that will help them in deciding which branch of the Icewatch is going to fit them best. Some examples might be specializing in sailing or swimming if you are interested in the Coolwater branch or healing if you are interested in the Whitevine branch. Please note that your skill set does not exclusively determine which branch you will join and there are no skill requirements for any of the branches.

Two or more lores of the candidate's choice: History (Avanthal, Icewatch, Vantha), Religion (Morwen), How to Survive in Avanthal, Knowledge of Ice Reaving

Current Members


Sliver, Wolverine Kelvic