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Kaivanna Iceglaze

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Kaivanna Iceglaze

Reimancy Expert
Date of birth485 AV (aged 38)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitleIcewatch Magical Instructor
Reimancy (Fire and Earth)40
Gnosis marks


Kaivana stands at 5' and has a rather athletic build, although a tad on the small side. She’s not hugely muscular, but you can see that she is built. She has long black hair with red streaks running wild through it, with deep ruby eyes speckled with grey flecks. She has two gnosis marks from Morwen, one on her shoulder and one on her neck, along with a scarred swirl burn on each of her palms.


Kaivana is normally a social Vantha who loves meeting new people. She is very outgoing, and loves to chat with anyone that is willing. When angry she can get a little hot headed, but that is to her advantage being in the Icewatch. The other members love that she provides them with heat when they go out on longer missions. Kai is very loyal to Morwen and the Icewatch, as well as to her Hold. She is also closely knitted with her mount Marrick, who she can always be found with. She has grown attached to Marrick, as he has with her. Outsiders may seem wary of her due to her reimancy marks, but once they get talking to her, it is clear that she is quite kind, granted she’s not on an Icewatch mission.


Kaivana was born into the Iceglaze hold, and has been there ever since. From birth she was awarded a gnosis mark from the Queen, like all Vanthas. When she was 16, Kai took up an interest in Reimancy, particularly fire reimancy. She grabbed book after book, learning about Djed and how to shape it. After a few months, a man came up to her from another hold, inquiring about her studies. Offering to bring her in on something more, Kaivana was initiated into the Reimancy art, acquiring the skills to further her newfound knowledge. The initiation was a bit harsh, but Kai didn’t mind; she knew that she was going to be able to do something bigger than just reading about it.

Over the years, Kaivana practiced and practiced, until she was not only able to control fire, but earth as well. One snowy day Kai received a message that Queen Morwen wanted to speak with her. Delighted yet intrigued, Kai made her way up to the Ice Palace, and received news that the Queen wanted her to check on the Icewatch members, considering they had been gone for an unusual amount of time. Kai obliged, and made her way out to the reaches, and found the Icewatch members huddled together, chilled to the bone. Seeing them shivering, Kai moved some rocks into a circle, digging out the middle a bit. Gathering a few branches, Kai opening up her hand, a ball of green res appeared in her hands, as she played with it a bit. The ball of res hovered above her hands, as it turned to a green fluid before igniting. Kai shot the flaming fluid at the pile of branches, igniting them as well. With the fire going, the Icewatch members huddled around, warming themselves up. Once they were all warm and toasty, the Icewatch and Kai headed back to the village, where the soldiers were welcomed greatly. As a reward for her service to the Queen, Kai was awarded her second gnosis mark from Morwen, along with a position in the Icewatch.

Since being accepted into the Icewatch, Kai takes what she does seriously, as well as she feels the need to protect Marrick, even though it’s usually the other way around. They are extremely close, and all of the Icewatch members are glad to have the village Hot Head on board, especially on the harsh weather days. She is known as "Queen Morwen's Personal Connection Between Fire and Ice."