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Don't touch the pretty horsie.

Kelpie is the tyrant fae in charge of the realm of Lhavit. A black creature with a black heart who finds much enjoyment in antagonizing any PC that enters her lair. She can be ruthless, she can be vicious, and she will bite. Keep your fingers to yourselves.


It all started in a galaxy far far away.... Wait! Wrong story. Let's try again.

A little fae named Kelpie was born to two fae kelpies on the lands of the Unseelie Court. Little Kelpie loved playing video games and drawing, and she was fed this addiction for many many years. Of course, it wasn't until she tasted man flesh that she decided drowning and torturing insignificant oafs was worth the time and effort. She had found a new love! Being the charming little Kelpie she was, she continued to kill and torture and eat, and she loved every minute of it!

Many people have tried to conquer and submit Kelpie under their dominion, but alas, no one could. Until two beautiful maidens named Crazy Scaly Girl and Dead Skinny Witch came along and showed the little Kelpie the true power of He Who Must Always Be Named. They united! And in this union the Giggly Pufferfish allegiance was formed. Kelpie found friends with whom to ogle and squeal over He Who Must Always Be Named, while keeping an iron fist over the rule of her city.

Vital Statistics

  • Age: Over 9000
  • Sex: Female
  • Status: Married to CSG and DSW
  • Nationality: Unseelie
  • Location: In your waters, stealin' your shoes
  • Likes: Blood, gore, scaly girls, kittens, pickles, bat rays, rainbows, everything furry and cute, House, Lhavit, Zintila, everyone who loves Lhavit.
  • Dislikes: You, everything non-Lhavit, Seelie fae twerps, teenagers, boy teenagers, kissing noises, vanilla, fish, love.