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Matriach of Lhavit
Date of birth0 AV (aged 520)
Place of birthUnknown
DomainThe Stars, Meteors, Comets
Divine rank4
SymbolsA Shining Star, Glitter
CultsThe Constellations
Worshipped inLhavit, Throughout Mizahar

Zintila is the Goddess of Stars. Daughter to Semele and a god far older than most of the Mizaharian Pantheon, Zintila is a Goddess who has lost the vast majority of her power until her rank equates only with that of an Alvina. Once powerful and reigning over the day and night skies of Mizahar, Zintila fell back to Mizahar during the final moments of the Valterrian to give of her power to save Semele's immortal life and heal her of the wounds inflicted by Ivak. Though she once rivaled even Tanroa, Zintila is not bitter about her fall. Her mother's life was well worth her sacrifice. And it is the Alvina's hope that someday she will have the opportunity to rise again and retake her former place in the hierarchy of the pantheon. Due to her unusual circumstances, Zintila is one of the very few Alvina that actually has a gnosis. Skyglass or skyshards, a material found in falling stars and meteors, can be taken by her followers and 'grown' into various things like weapons or structures that resemble glass or ice but are far stronger. Depending on their gnosis marks, her followers can harness the power of Akarni to grow anything from small daggers or single room structures to complete and elaborate palaces or full suits of armor. It is said the vast majority of Lhavit is formed from this material, as she has gifted this city with the use of Skyglass.

Zintila herself is somewhat mysterious. She dwells in Lhavit and moves among the people there much in the same way Morwen does in Avanthal. However, there is a quiet sadness in her that is reflected in the full force of her gaze. No one currently alive and mortal understands the extent of Zintila's sacrifice or what she was prior to the Valterrian. Given her patient, restful nature, the rest of the Pantheon assumes she's only regathering her power and biding her time until an opportunity to arise will come again. Once she can, Zintila's power will once more be as it was and the people of Mizahar will understand her true role in the nature of things. Until then, she is simply known as the Alvina of the Stars with only her mother Semele known. Her father has always remained a mystery - though, considering the rumors that Zintila's power even exceeded her mother's at one point, he had to be someone of extreme importance, perhaps even a former deity of the heavens.

In terms of physical appearance, Zintila is a lovely young woman whose skin glitters with a hundred stars. Her hair is the black of night while her eyes are the luminous gold of suns. Moon-bright, her skin has a quality that is almost unearthly in its paleness. The soft-spoken Zintila can never be mistaken for anyone but who she is, especially after dark as her skin glows with a luminance that cannot be easily duplicated.

Within her cult, The Constellations, priests and priestesses who serve her also take on this glittery appearance to their skin. Those who bear her gnosis mark, however, do not have this luminous quality, only her true priests and priestesses who form within The Constellations.


  • Akarni - The Manipulation of Skyglass


Zintila is known to make appearances at nearly all of the important festivals of Lhavit.

Zintila's Appearances
heightThe Midwinter FestivalAppears at the festival.