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Kierra Doma

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Kierra Doma
Place of birthRavok
Unarmed Combat57

Kierra Doma is the Warden of the Heartlands, and with that title she is respected as the most powerful of the current Wardens with the exception being Chabiza. Very little is known about the Heartland Wardens or the domain which they oversee, but what has been seen is a pattern of darkness and cruelty among the individuals who take up this position. Kierra Doma has been no exception to this pattern, and her actions since taking on the position has lead to her nick name "The Bloody Queen".


This Warden finds her origins in the city of Ravok where she was born to a simple family who lived simple lives. Her father was a fisherman, and her mother was a well known seamstress whose works earned her quite a reputation among the wealthy. Kierra lived a content life, if not always a happy one. Her father often loved the liquor bottle a bit too much and had been given to drunken rages in which he would beat both Kierra and her mother. When he was sober, however, the man was an exceptional father and Kierra loved him very much. In the late spring when Kierra was only 10 years old she and her entire family moved with the intention of traveling to Syliras to start a new life, however, it seemed that Lhex had other plans. along they way their caravan was attacked by bandits halfway between Ravok and Syliras. The men were killed, and the women were taken for other reasons. The Bandit's final destination was Sunberth, and it was there that Kierra was able to slip away and board a ship, never even realizing where it was taking her until it was far too late.

On the Island of Sahova either luck or fate intervened and on the docks the girl was picked up not by a nuit, but by a flesh and blood living person. This man was the current Chabiza, and he took pity on the girl and took her to the Testing Grounds instead of allowing her to suffer the Citadel's tortures. Kierra then grew up among The Wardens, and while it was a dangerous life it was a happy one. She was Initiated in the art of Morphing by the Prairie Warden at that time, and in the years that came she became close friends with Riyanna Sterder, teaching the current Prairie Warden nearly everything she knew about morphing combat.

Kierra was chosen by the previous Heartland Warden to become her initiate, and because this choosing is sacred there was little choice in the matter for the young morpher. Kierra accepted the offering, going to train in the strange Heartlands with its Warden and promising her good friend Riyanna that she would return and everything would go back to normal. She never did return, however, and as the seasons passed the Heartlands twisted and changed the once happy girl into the cold and cruel woman she is today. Kierra was initiated into the art of reimancy, and soon after she was given her familiar, a Kurt who was cruel and harsh on the girl and who may have played a key role in her transformation.

Now Kierra rules the Heartlands, gaining the position of Warden after she killed the previous one, and holds strong to the title of strongest Warden.


Because Kierra was once a Prairie Initiate she has retained her abilities in morphing and uses these skills to adapt her appearance to whatever is pleasing to her at the time. Her changes are not as extreme as Riyanna's, but they still give her an exotic appearance and means that she may or may not look the same as she did when last she was seen. The Warden does not usually touch her natural body structure, keeping her slim yet muscular build and 5'7 height, but she changes the style and colors of her hair and eyes quite often. She usually prefers shades of blue, for whatever reason, and long hair that can be tied back into a braid if need be. The colors though will range anywhere on the spectrum and often are a good indicator of her current mood. Kierra enjoy's playing with the shape and color of her eyes, often using this feature of hers to throw off those first meeting her when she decides to turn the pupils horizontal mid sentence. She takes her inspiration from a Symenestra she met once on the island, enjoying her violet eyes and ever since she has worn her teeth filed to points and her canines lengthened into fangs to show respect to the dangerous beauty of the spidery race.

The Warden's clothes are often tight fitting to both show off her form and to prevent the clothing from being snagged on any branches or underbrush. The clothes she wears are often created by the Warden's own hands, sewn together from the hides of creatures she has slain or made from precious fabrics she receives from the Citadel. Among the few living members of Sahova Kierra is considered a beauty, but the danger that comes from the Warden also plays a role in her attraction. She is considered an unattainable prize, and in part they are right though she has been known to show interest to beautiful girls who have not yet been worn down by their time on the undead island.


Kierra's familiar is a Kirt with an exceptional taste for cruelty and mental torture. Like the rest of his kind he possesses the ability to alter his shape and coloring and often uses this ability to reflect his Master's current appearance. Dark souled, Krawlek uses his silky tongue and mastery of rhetoric to twist the minds and manipulate those around him, and in some cases this even extends to Kierra, though she has long since learned his tricks and how to avoid them. Krawlek prefers to take on animal shapes with long bodies such as snakes and centipedes, though there are times when he will take on the appearance of a bald man in what looks like monk robes. MOre often than not when in an animal form he is small enough to sit on Kierra's shoulder or slither over her arms and waist, but when in the human statue guise he is 6 feet tall and broad shouldered. Face to face he seems pleasant and kind, but often his actions when no one is looking reveals the darkness in his heart and his true intentions are always to further himself before anyone else.