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King Sultros

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King Sultros

King Isengir Izurus Sultros
Date of birth100 BV
Date of death157 AV (aged 257)
TitleKing of the Isur

King Sultros was the King of the Isur during the Valterrian and is considered the savior of the Isurian race. Prince Isengir Izurus Sultros was but 100 years of age when his father died leaving him with the responsibility of sitting upon the Isurian throne. Although groomed from birth to one day become King, Isengir was never comfortable with the idea. When his father died, Isengir was suddenly left with an entire kingdom that he did not want. Then came the wrath of the gods and the Valterrian. When the divine devastation washed over the surface, the Isur believed themselves safe in their subterranean city; a city that had lasted since the beginning of their race, the industrial metropolis of Izurith. To their complete surprise and disbelief, a volcano bore its way up from the depths and through the very heart of Izurith. The city and its surroundings were torn asunder as the Isur were caught off-guard and unprepared. With the majority of the race teetering on the edge of annihilation, it was Isengir who received a vision from the God, Izurdin. He saw himself standing against the wrath of the gods in order to save his people and lead them into a new era.

Inspired by this vision, Isengir gathered the fractured remains of the Isurian Council of Ten and under his leadership, brought them and the remaining Isurian people together before leading them back from oblivion and into the nearby mountains of the Kalea region. Hounded by destruction, horrific waves of uncontrolled Djed and hordes of foul beasts who had claimed the mountains their own, King Sultros led the Isur to the very heart of the Kitrean Mountains. There, in the caves of what would become known as Mt. Izurith, he and his people waited for the destruction to end and the dust to settle. Under the leadership of King Sultros and with the guidance of Izurdin, the Isur began to rebuild their kingdom. Though but a shadow of the glory that the old kingdom held, the new one, named Sultros after the mighty king, became a symbol of strength, patience and hope for a people nearly destroyed.

King Isengir Izurus Sultros lived long enough after the Valterrian to see his people carve out the foundation of what would become Sultros Citadel. His body was laid to rest in the heart of the Izurus family tomb in Sultros Citadel. It was encased in a sarcophagus forged from solid Isurian steel. Unlike other Isur however, King Sultros' most prized creations were not buried with him. On his deathbed at the age of 257 years of age, older than any known Isur to date, the King decreed that his hammer would from that point forward be the symbol of the King. All who came after him would bare the hammer as their own. The hammer, known as Nauglimir, is a divine artifact forged by King Sultros and bares the direct touch of Izurdin, himself.

The first day of Spring marks the birth of Isengir Izurus Sultros and is known as the Day of the King. This day is filled with celebration and prayer while many Isur dedicate completed works in the name of King Sultros as well as Izurdin. It is considered the holiest of days where in fact all Isurian kings are honored all the way back to King Izurith, mortal son of Izurdin. Prior to the Valterrian, this holiday did not exist.