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Laurence Shillingham

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Image:Scroll2.png "Come, drink and relax! What is to live if you do not enjoy the life you have?"
- Laurence Shillingham
Laurence Shillingham
Date of birth468 AV (aged 55)
Place of birthAlvadas
TitleHead of the Census Bureau of Counterfactual Denominations
Unarmed Combat68
Gnosis marks

Laurence Shillingham is known both for his love of people and his love of drink, and he is adamant about both. The man exudes a presence that speaks of kindness and good will, and his way with a crowd is second to none. Though he detests paper work, and often avoids it, he never shirks his duties as the department head. Always the first to greet and the last to part, Shillingham sees to it that the needs of the people are met with kindness and understanding. Even if his odd habits lead some to question his professionalism, the results of his work have more than made up for his strange behavior. A man of the people, Laurence Shillingham knows more about the citizens of Alvadas than any would ever guess.


Most who meet Shillingham for the first time would never suspect him of a man of any titles or ranks. His hair is long, his manner relaxed, and his close shaved beard is bristly and unkept, all in all Laurence fits the image of a lazy good for nothing than a government official. Often seen wearing a wide brim hat to shade his eyes, Shillingham attire is loose and relaxed, and he encourages others within his department to do the same. The head himself wears a loose robe and sandals at most times, sometimes adopting a walking stick, more for show than actual use.

Despite his relaxed appearance, his lose clothing hides the many scars and toned muscles of a warrior. Standing at about 5’8’’, a single thin scar traces his left cheek, almost hidden by his bristly beard, and beneath his robes the man always carries his twin short swords. When he talks his voice rings with a hint of laughter, and his eyes shine brightly with compassion. He is a people’s man, the life of the party and despite any appearances he is very much fit for his job. Often seen as one of the least professional of all the governing officials, Shillingham openly drinks while on duty. It would not be surprising to see his cheeks flushed with some new brandy provided for him from an unknown source, and his humor is at times a bit vulgar, especially when involving his female supervisor. At times a skirt chaser, Laurence is known for his smooth talking ways, as well as his colorful attire.


If first impressions are anything to go off of then Laurence would be viewed as a lazy, skirt chasing, drink fanatic and overly enthusiastic man, and these observations are not that far from the truth. Shillingham takes pleasure in his comforts. To him a relaxed mind and body is a more efficient one, and as such he encourages others within his department to be like him. His Supervisor, however, sees to it that none ever do.

Despite all appearances, the Head of the Census Bureau is in fact an excellent at what he does. He is known as the king of ideas, the people’s man and the drunken savior. Shillingham loves his work, and he enjoys talking with people. When he speaks is voice is loud and filled with mirth, and his eyes twinkle with hidden laughter, looking like a jolly uncle more than anything. He is not above taking someone in his arms, especially not a woman, in a show of his openness and friendship. When in public he almost glows, though from his link with the Goddess Priskil or one too many drinks none can be sure.

Hidden deep within his smiling eyes, there is also a hint of a mischievous nature. Unknown to any of the public, Shillingham is a master of Intelligence and Investigation, and his knowledge of public affairs is second to none. It is not uncommon for those in the Department of Non-Legal Illegalities to turn to him for his information, and Zaragosh himself is known to set private meetings with Laurence, the topics of which are unknown.

His love of drink, his stress free way of life and his unprofessional appearance often lead many to view him as weak and spineless. This, of course, could not be farther from the truth. Beneath those multicolored robes is the body of a hardened warrior, and the skills of the department head are formidable. The man’s talents in combat are equaled only by his skills in uncovering secrets. It is even rumored that he and the Head of the Department of Non-Legal Illegalities often spar together. It is said that Laurence is one of the few that can withstand a pounding from Zaragosh’s full strength and live.