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Let us shine, and let the dark fear us for it.
Granted byPriskil
Positive marksLight shaping for defense, offense and support
Negative marksNone
Pos. mark appearanceSlightly glowing vortex
Neg. mark appearanceNone
Mark locationUsually on the hands
First markChildren and older, bestowed when befriending the goddess
ChampionCurrently none

Luminance is the gnosis of the goddess Priskil. As Priskil presides over the domains of light, hope and vigilance, her gnosis is a combination of these traits, giving its wielder the ability to turn positive feelings into light that can be shaped at will. This light will be especially harmful to dark or evil creatures, but will not damage the innocent.

Priskil will never give negative gnosis marks, as it goes against her mindset. If someone is deserving of punishment, she has but to mention their existence to one of her devout followers and they will pursue the offender without her even having to ask.


The Mechanics

While Priskil is an ancient goddess, she never bestowed a gnosis mark in antiquity - not to people, anyways. The only recipients of her powers were the Watchstones located at the top of the Watchtowers, keeping monsters at bay in the earliest age of man. That task accomplished, Priskil pretty much withdrew from the world of mortals to enjoy the company of her lover Aquiras.

All things are bound to change, however, and with Aquiras' fall into deep coma Priskil has taken on a much more active role, even resorting to giving out gnosis marks. This new art is called Luminance and is a smaller-scale, but more refined version of the Watchstones' power. By focusing on thoughts of hope and innocence, the gnosis user can emit a luminous aura from their body. Someone with a single mark can use the power to create mildly protective cocoons or scare off minor dark creatures. More marks offer greater power and control, allowing the gifted gnosis user to wield blades of light that will cut searing wounds into the minions of evil.

Priskil is a good-aligned goddess who is now very serious about her duty. Her gnosis will never, ever hurt the innocent. When used to attack, the light will do different amounts of damage depending on the target. A man who was trying to rob the gnosis wielder to feed his family might only get incapacitated, but not receive permanent damage. An animal that can be scared off without bloodshed will likewise not take lethal damage. A true agent of darkness will be hit in full force, though, as will an animal that intends to fight to the death. If the gnosis user willingly attacks an innocent with his powers, the target will be unaffected.

Divine interaction

Luminance users are Priskil's personal friends. They are therefore acquired when one befriends the goddess, though Priskil is fond of not revealing her identity until later. She knows people will suck up to the powerful seeking some of their might, and will approach people in a humble guise, testing their nobility before she shows her true self. This is just the beginning, and the marked person will be contacted routinely from that moment on. Priskil's visits are always unannounced, and can occur anywhere and at any time; she can be the tavern waitress pouring your wine, the woman sitting next to you in the temple, the peasant girl you bump into at the market. She will always show the same face to the same person. In all cases, her presence will be unremarkable to those around her, and few will ever remember her after she has left the place.

Mark Progression

Marked [Cursed] - 1 Gnosis Mark
The user can generate a mild glow, usually from the palms of their hands, though only for a few minutes at a time. This glow is about equivalent to a torch and may give some courage to those affected by fear and negative emotions. The user can strengthen any source of artificial light and feel the presence of any kind of light, even beyond walls and obstacles.
Favored [Despised] - 2 Gnosis Marks
Light can now wrap around the user's body as a halo. This light is comforting for good-aligned creatures and can act as light armor protecting the mark bearer or someone he designates by touch, though not both at the same time. The halo looks frightening to weak-willed evil creatures. The gnosis user can transmit feelings of hope to those who see his light. He gains minor darkvision, as he needs very little light to go by.
Priest/Priestess [Adversary] - 3 Gnosis Marks
The gnosis user can shape light at will and give it physical substance as weapons that are very effective against dark foes. He can send it forth as projectiles or surround several people with an armor of hope. He can infuse a gemstone with permanent light, and bend light in minor ways to see past a corner or behind his back.
Champion [Nemesis] - 4 Gnosis Marks
The champion is the master of light, being able to absorb it from artificial sources (anything but the sun and moon) and reshape it in almost any way. At this level, the light would be searing hot against a servant of evil. The champion is Priskil's most trusted friend and she will go to great lengths to help him: he has access to secret astral pathways known to Priskil alone that let him use the functioning Watchtowers safely with his companions. He can also cause a Watchtower's Watchstone to flare with Priskil's permission by touching it. With this power, the champion can trace nighttime messages in the sky that will be visible across great distances. Priskil's champion is immediately recognizeable as he has no shadow.

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