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Druvin Lazerin
Date of birth175 AV (aged 348)
Place of birthSyliras Region
TitleChief Interrogator of the Ebonstryfe
Weapon: Whip50

Lazerin is a Druvin and chief interrogator of the Ebonstryfe. Standing slightly over seven feet in height and built like a mountain, he is quite the imposing figure. Lazerin prefers to dress in fine silk robes of crimson. He is a solid looking mountain of a man with a well-muscled physique noticeable even through his flowing robes. His blond hair is usually worn in a neat tail and on the left breast of his robes he bares the symbol of the Ebonstryfe. He speaks with a snake-smooth voice that although seems almost silent, carries such that all can hear clearly. Lazerin is the head of one of a few powerful Ravok families. His palatial manor is found near the heart of the city.

Before his transformation into a Druvin, Lazerin is rumored to have been the head of a brutal barbarian tribe that plundered its way down the western shores of the Suvan Sea. He is said to have been a truly bloodthirsty savage that unleashed his horde upon any who dared cross his path. Whether or not the stories are true, Lazerin's current brutality remains legendary. His ability to prolong torture is unmatched as is his hunger for women. His presence is quite common in the Ravok slave-market and even in a place that crowded, all part for his passage. Lazerin is highly skilled in Reimancy and has no qualms about using it upon all who displease him.