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To See Time In a Grain of Sand
Divine rank1
SymbolsAn hourglass and a river under wings
Worshipped inEverywhere

A goddess most sacred, Tanroa presides over and charts the movement of time's river. She exists both as time and as its guardian.



Tanroa is the goddess of time and presides over its flow. Her followers describe time as a river that stretches endlessly in either direction. While mortals sit only at one point on time's shore, Tanroa floats above the river. She sees where time has been and where it will go and is never moored to one point in its course. Only Tanroa and the few powers above her know the shape and borders of time.


Tanroa is able to fold and pause time, suspending all that its passing influences. Because of this, she often walks with Kihala and Dira bidding them to action or rest. She is also a mother like figure to stars and heavenly bodies used to chart her passing. Syna and Leth owe her an especial reverence. The gods of the seasons also adjust to her gentle influence.


Tanroa is mostly passive. This is not due to any special cruelty or lack of care, but rather an understanding that she has already balanced time. What occurs is almost cyclical and disrupting its pattern is tugging on the scales. She is serene and wise, as, for her, every moment is the present. She has seen the future and the past simultaneously, nothing can surprise her, but she can be saddened and encouraged by what she sees. The mortal idea of the "present" is immensely important to her as well, as the future cannot exist without it.


When Tanroa moves among mortals she is a woman that might be of middle years. It is difficult to tell as her dark blue eyes are old and her hair is an ageless white. She is neither young and fair nor aged and infirmed like other deities. As she walks through the stars and worlds, she wears the colors of heaven and a long train.


The Appointing of the Moon and Sun

Tanroa was brooding over the darkness of the world, considering how she ought to prepare it for the arrival of mortals. She had seen them come and even what she would do, but the moment was still sacred. Without this step, time could go no further nor reach backward. She knew her influence would not pass the same for humans, they were still immersed in the river while she hovered above its currents. A marker would be needed for them to see the movement of invisible tides. Something glorious to remind them time had walked beside them. Tanroa purposed to find wild gods to oversee this task. They would have to be beautiful yet dissimilar, so humans could see the distinction between the hours.

Tanroa would often walk with Kihala and Dira, the goddesses of life and death. There was no special affinity between them, but they could not help but cross paths. On these walks, Life and Death would take their turns clearing the way for Tanroa or holding the trail of her gown, but Tanroa would always choose the path they were to make through the heavens and earth. Sometimes they would talk of what they had seen and sought, commiserating and glorying as only gods can. On such a walk, Tanroa told them of her search for a radiant pair. Kihala bit her tongue, but Dira pled her case.

"I have a brother," Dira began. The familial term meant both less and more than the human conception. "He is beautiful as only destruction can be. He has helped me unravel many things that resisted my touch. My brother is a wild god, but a comely one."

Kihala began to speak after Dira, her amber voice soft and pleading as a mother speaking for her child's sake. "Her brother is a dark, powerful thing, Tanroa. I would quail at giving him such a task."

"But he has found balance," Dira protested, "He loves a bright goddess. Adores her. This goddess is Life's handmaiden."

"But he tried to steal her from me," Kihala said warningly. "He would pollute the fairness he loves by drawing her into his black world."

Dira had little argument against this, for if anything Death was honest, even moreso than Life. "True," Dira said, "however, the nearer he comes to her the more peace I see in him. He is kind when near her, even meek."

Tanroa considered what her companions said for a long while. Perhaps years, time was still as a lake to her. She returned to the problem on another walk. Kihala and Dira had learned to understand Tanroa's patient ways and resumed their interest as if only moments had passed. "I have considered your brother and your handmaiden. And they will do." Dira and Kihala lifted their eyes to Tanroa's face, hoping for more.

"The woman shall reign over the time I give her. It will vary as season pass," Tanroa continued. "And the man will do the same. The man shall be allowed to gaze at the woman always, but not stand near enough to diminish her glory. It will be her glory and fairness that inspires light in the man." Tanroa's face softened, as she thought of the lovers. "Their eternal dwelling shall be beside one another's. And there will be time for them to be close as they exchange roles. Because love is beautiful, I think these meetings will be the most wondrous part of the cycle."

"However," Tanroa cautioned, "should they try to flee to their previous domains with one another, the glory of both will be snuffed and the man's chained darkness may rise over them until they return to their state of balance." Looking to Kihala and Dira, Tanroa asked, "Is this fair, wise goddesses?" Dira nodded agreement as did Kihala.

And so Death, Life and Time presided over the appointing of the moon and sun. Syna and Leth, seized upon the arrangement and exist in cautious devotion to this day.



A gift that allows the time travel through water.


Tanroa's Appearances
heightA Window To The PastAppears to Malia. to speak of her past.