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Appearance and History

Made of a Velispar skin that shimmers with dark golds, greens, purples, and a multitude of jewel tones, this iridescent crop top has been around for a couple of thousand years. Thought to be lost, it has been recently discovered in the ruins of Pavena, where it had been carelessly placed on display in Pavena's old library building now called Reclaimed Knowledge.

Shavita, a female velispar who was very closely associated with Priskil, lived for many many years and passed peacefully from the world of old age. The Lightbender is just one of the many many items that were made from her skin, which she donated to a champion of Priskil who was also a magecrafter and master armorer prior to the Valterrian when such professions were more common.

Little is known about Shavita's other items, but the Lightbender was common knowledge in Pavena's height and thus the library ghost is well versed in its history. Recounting what she knows, Talia Zakala, the ghostly librarian, will recount how Myrna Kelvic received the Lightbender from her brother, Marcus Kelvic, as a gift. She wore it often, except on that fatal day she vanished off=world. Most of her things were donated to the library as decorations to honor Myrna in a display within its hallowed halls.

Powers and Abilities

The Lightbender does exactly what its name implies. It shields the wearer in a magical aura that bends light making the wearer appear to be displaced in random directions. This makes hitting the wearer harder in combat, and, indeed, makes it easier for the wearer to hit an opponent in battle because the opponent is often dodging a blow that comes from an unexpected place.

When combat is not occurring, the Lightbender is inactive. It just appears as a lovely crop top that doesn't show wear or dirt.


Location Challenge
heightLocation ChallengeGossamer awards the winner, Ialari Pythone.