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Lira Roberts

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Lira Roberts

Lira Roberts, Priestess of Eyris
Date of birth497 AV (aged 26)
Place of birthSyliras
Gnosis marks

Lira Roberts is the Priestess of Eyris in Syliras. She spends much of her time at the Temple of All Gods.



Most people who first meet Lira would call her a girl, maybe a young woman if they were being generous. Anyone who has spoken to her, or looked into her wise and intelligent brown eyes has a hard time thinking of her as young or child like. With age and wisdom far beyond her apparent age there are some who joke that the brown haired girl is actually a wise old grandma in disguise. Her simple and plain clothing does little to dissuade this notion either.


Lira has a warm and pleasant personality, but the typical energy of youth one would expect from someone her age is tempered by her knowledge. She is quick to offer almost anyone a warm smile, but it is rarely a smile of youthful exuberance and impetuousness. She'll happily talk with anyone on most any subject they desire, but her words are always calm and measured and without overwhelming eagerness. Her time spent studying and meditating have given her an amount of patience that outshines many adults. Only in her secondary passion of drawing does she show any true signs of her age, but she treats the hobby as an almost guilty pleasure due to her recent appointment as Priestess.


From a young age Lira was extraordinarily intelligent, possessed with a curiosity to put a Charoda to shame, and a maturity far beyond her years. Wanting nothing more than to learn as much as she could, as quickly as it could be taught, she spent countless hours and days reading books on almost everything she could find, and thus drew Eyris' attention and gained her first mark by the time she was eight.

With this new ability Lira's pursuit of knowledge only grew in scope, and with the support and encouragement of her parents, devotees of Eyris themselves, she would spend hours upon hours in meditation and research with all kinds of objects to learn more about them and their past. Combined with her continued studies Lira's knowledge and understanding grew by leaps and bounds, and it was at the age of 10 she received her second Lykata mark.

In the spring of 511 AV, just after her 14th birthday, Eyris marked Lira again, and called her to be the Goddess' priestess in Syliras. With her parents overjoyed at what she had achieved, Lira was eagerly encourage and supported in her new position, and she now spends much of her time at the Temple of All Gods helping not only devoted of Eyris, but anyone who seeks wisdom or knowledge.


Lira's Appearences
heightService for SynaLira watches over the service