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Lost discipline

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Image:Scroll2.png "What they call magic is just the tip of an iceberg, yet they all make haste towards it on a crystal ship."
- Vuld Shaik, "Magic and I"

Lost disciplines are forms of magic that are currently extinct and no longer practiced on Mizahar. Truly lost disciplines tended to be too powerful for their own good, or their users drew the anger of their fellow wizards. Most lost disciplines were purged by the gods - often by the very same who had gifted them to mortals and happened to change their minds. And some lost disciplines were just so rare that they were completely lost via the Valterrian.

Forms of magic that originate off-world can also be classified as Lost Disciplines. Occasionally, new disciplines are developed in-game and these too are considered 'lost disciplines' for game organizational reasons. New disciplines must be approved beforehand by the Mizahar staff and slowly brought into play in the game.

Archaeowizards are the daring bunch who seek to somehow recover lost disciplines from ancient sites and writings with no small risk to themselves. They rarely accomplish anything significant, because the knowledge they discover is often fragmented and incomplete.

Lost disciplines that have been rediscovered include:

  • Dominion (world magic) - It allowed users to modify the fabric of space, for example folding it onto itself.
  • Architectrix (world magic) - It allows the users to give life to a physical structure.
  • Static (divine magic) - It allows the users to scramble, mute, and corrupt communication (including the transmission of power) from The Gods to their marked followers.
  • Immanence (personal magic) - It could render the user almost invulnerable at the expense of quickly shortening his lifespan.
  • Unity (personal magic) - It gave wizards the ability to merge souls into one. This could effectively bring the dead back to life.
  • Pathfinding (personal magic) - Enables mages to track djed trails over short and long distances.
  • Florabundance (world magic) - Allows mages to grow, groom, train, hybridize and craft unique plants.
  • Linkage (personal magic) - It involves the linking of djed between one or more mages to augment and increase the amount, type, scope, and scale of the wielder's djed to perform abilities beyond their normal capacity as mages.