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Lox of the Blackened Claws
Date of birth449 AV (aged 74)
Place of birthTaloba
TitleWild Witch of the Blackened Claws
Wilderness Survival: Jungle60
Gnosis marks

Though she is perhaps the youngest Wild Witch the clan has yet had, Lox is still more than capable of fulfilling all her duties. She has a decade of experience under her belt, and plans to continue taking care of the jungle for many decades more. While she may have been uncertain when first rising to the position, she has since proven time and again her mastery over the wilds, and does her greatest to pass on this confidence and ability to her disciple.

By design the position of Wild Witch is a reclusive one. There is always something to do to keep the balance of the biome, and it is not uncommon for Lox and her disciple to spend days at a time out in the wilds. She is, however, a Blackened Claw, and will always treat her kin with warmth and guide them with advice in their times of need. Although she may be distant due to her busy work, she does have the best intentions for her clanswomen and desires to aid them as well as she can.