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Lucid Lurker

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Lucid Lurker
Arachnid File:LucidLurker.jpg
Threat levelHigh
Major featuresLarge, Bright Yellow Markings, Retractable Stinger
AbilitiesHallucinogenic Toxin, Amphibious, Parasitic Nester, Stealthy
Most common inSuvan Sea, particularly Torvin Island

A rare mutated form of spider, the Lucid Lurker inhabit Torvin Island and make living there almost impossible for any race. Their hallucinogenic toxins and stealthy nature make them a enemy to be feared, especially when in high numbers.


Physical Characteristics

The Lucid Lurker adult has an average leg span of two feet, and a body length of about five inches. It has very distinct black and yellow coloring. The males are only slightly larger than the females, and carry no other physical distinction from them. The Lurker has fairly large jaws, but will never be used for anything aside from catching fish. The females have a long, retractable stinger that is roughly half the length of their body.

The hatchlings carry none of the yellow markings until they mature. When they burst forth from the host, they have a leg span of 6 inches and a body length of a half inch. Their stinger isn't developed enough for use until their are mature enough to reproduce.

Social Structure

The Lucid Lurker lives in a communal nest. All of the Lurkers live together, with no form of hierarchy. Males and females will often mate for life, so long as the male is still deemed worthy of producing the female's heirs. Competition for mates is stiff, but rarely, if ever, will result in the death of either competitor. The males will do the majority of the fishing, using sturdy nets underwater to wrangle them in and drag them back to the nest. The females will typically stay in the nest until it is time to reproduce. They can reproduce once a month. When it is their time, they will leave the nest and begin looking for a host creature. This can be just about any creature large enough for the stinger to pierce the stomach, and no other vital organs. This can range from large fish, to large sea birds, to the occasional human traveler.


The hallucinogen injected by the female will cause the prey to feel as if it is in a safe, ideal place. For sentient species, this is typically the person's dream place and scenario. This allows the creature to relax during the injection of the eggs, and allows the creature to remain alive. The wound is sealed by a white paste, that is highly nutritious. This paste will keep the host's body alive for the 3-5 days it takes for the eggs to hatch

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