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Date of birth506 AV (aged 17)
Place of birthFalyndar
TitleKeeper of Eywaat's Roost
Bird Keeping68
Wilderness Survival36
Gnosis marks

Originally from the jungles of Falyndar, Maluna eventually found herself in The Spires. Being one of the smarter types of birds, she eventually found herself bored with the simple conversations with the other birds. She began to learn their calls, their songs, their habits, and she began mimicking many different types, until she found herself amongst almost every flock. This eventually caught the interest of Eywaat, and the two began a long courtship. The two haven't yet wed, but she is one of his favorite lovers, and the two are quite enamored with each other. They can often be found singing and dancing with one another in his Roost.

Maluna is quite approachable, though can be quite sarcastic at times. She loves to impersonate new people and test their knowledge, or lack there of, but will also teach them after the berating. She also occasionally will be found singing with the entire roost of birds, a symphony that the Jamoura find quite beautiful, and is often considered a good luck charm for young lovers.

Additional Information

Maluna is the keeper of Eywaat's Roost