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Merida Zuval

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Merida Zuval

Merida - Opal Temple Healer
Date of birth487 AV (aged 36)
Place of birthSyliras
TitleReceptionist of The Opal Temple
Healing1GM from Rak'keli
Personal Communication80

Merida Zuval is a young human receptionist. Her healing skills topped out at her singular Gnosis Mark because she was completely unable to give herself over to the divine and true faith. Instead she discovered a true calling in greeting people and organizing. So, now she mans the front desk of the Opal Temple and gets people sorted, directed, and guided in the right direction. Merida is unattached, slow in trusting, and has a calm reserved way about her personality. This might also come from the fact that she is blind and feels her way through the papers and notes on her desk.

She does not invite friendship, and often seems surprised when it is offered. Nor is Merida a full member of the Opal Order since she has been unable to complete her medical and herbalism training to their standards.