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Mizelio Takk

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Image:Scroll2.png "Who's the boss? I'm the boss!"
- Vyldred, Mizelio's Familiar
Mizelio Takk
RaceNuit, formerly Human
Date of birth57 BV (aged 580)
Place of birthZeltiva
TitleChief Summoner of Sahova

Mizelio Takk is a Nuit wizard and the chief Summoner of Sahova. He is a part of the Council of Five established by Lector Qiao, to whom he pledges loyalty. Mizelio is bonded with a particularly potent Pascid-type Familiar, Vyldred, self-proclaimed former ruler of the Lightface of Fyrden. The flamboyant Vyldred, rather than the soft-spoken Mizelio, is commonly considered the more dangerous and the leader of the duo.


As with all Nuit, Mizelio's appearance depends on the body he is wearing. As of 510 AV, he is hosted in a young male Vantha body where he will stay for at least a couple years longer. Vyldred is always perched on his shoulder, on a vantage position from which he can easily shout in Mizelio's ear as he is fond of doing despite their telepathic abilities. The fact that Vyldred looks just like a miniature version of Mizelio's current body makes the duo look even more peculiar.


Mizelio is always calm and collected, polite and appropriate. His manners never falter, though he will never smile, either. He seems to lack the ability for any extreme of emotion. His words are vague, and he tends to answer questions with questions. Mizelio is considered to be quite amoral, and willing to make deals with anyone if it helps him acquire new astral coordinates for his Summoning. Always business-like, his real opinions on things are kept to himself.

Vyldred is his polar opposite. Egotistic, arrogant, immensely vain and with a voice far too loud for his diminutive size (9 inches), he considers people his playthings. It is known that he used to command hundreds of Familiars back on Fyrden, and he expects to rule on Mizahar, as well.


Little is known of Mizelio's history save that he was born in Zeltiva. His mother was probably a prostitute, his father a sailor. He is reputed to have taught himself the basics of Summoning, chancing upon Vyldred as a teenager. The Familiar took him under his wing for reasons unknown, and guided him through a brilliant magical career. After serving as an instructor at the Royal Academy of Magic, he joined the Sahova project at Qiao's recommendation and probably compelled by Vyldred so they could reach immortality. Mizelio is one of Qiao's trusted men and serves on the newly created Council of Five.