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Image:Scroll2.png "Ahh, my homeworld. You mean, that cosmic hole of injustice and torment of which you could say its only redeeming quality is to have birthed someone as handsome as I?"
- Vyldred the Familiar

Between fire and ice
Astral coordinates6701984710485453
Common world
Duration of dayEternal
Duration of year85 Mizahar days
TemperatureExtremely cold/hot
Breathable air
Liquid water
Plant life
Animal life
Sentient life

Fyrden is the world of Familiars; a nightmarish, overpopulated small planet, it is a textbook example of a low world in that its denizens would try anything to run away and never turn back. Unfortunately, their metabolism depends on absorbing Djed from their surroundings, which is a feature unique to Fyrden. The only way they can survive elsewhere is through a symbiotic bond with a Mizaharian wizard, hence becoming Familiars. A mage with a Familiar is then said to practice the magic skill of Familiary.


Fyrden is a tiny planet whose size is comparable to the moon of Mizahar. A world with barely any atmosphere, it orbits a single, large sun at a close distance and is tidally locked around it, meaning that it always shows the sun the same face. Half the world constantly burns with incredible heat (Lightface), and the other half is swallowed by cold darkness (Darkface). Different Familiar types exist on Fyrden's two faces. Neither face has liquid water (which tends to be a surprise when observed on Mizahar); instead, Lightface has lakes of molten rock and Darkface has huge glaciers that are hard as diamond.

The planet core is ravaged by the contrast between the two sides, and releases vast amounts of Djed through immense, world-shaking quakes that could be considered a daily occurrence if the Fyrdenese had any notion of days and nights. They can survive by feeding off the raw Djed that exits the planet through the crust, but their existence is utterly miserable and painful.

The people

Main article: Familiar

No two Fyrdenese are alike, as they exhibit extreme diversity even among the same bloodline. This is probably due to the chaotic environment they feed off, and the necessity to evolve in order to survive. In general, however, Lightfacers and Darkfacers are unlikely to get along well (Familiar quarrels are legendary in wizard circles) and both can be roughly divided into a few major groups.


  • Sarawanki are liquid in their natural state and tend to look like animated blobs even on Mizahar. They are lively and exceedingly emotional, but prone to depression and panic when in the dark.
  • Avavali are ethereal, being made of steam, but can bring themselves into a solid state for a brief duration. They tend to be air-headed and forgetful, and are often selfish even when good-natured.
  • Pascid are those who stand in defiance of the sun. They take on whatever shape they want to imitate (usually animal on Mizahar) and are stubborn and unwilling to compromise.


  • Irylid are cold and detached; they take on simplistic forms and speak little, but are very observant. It takes a long time to get to know them and often look down on the wizard who adopted them.
  • Kirt, also called imps, are smooth-tongued tricksters who can camouflage with the surrounding terrain. They are not above enslaving their own master and making him work for them.
  • Gordios are made of pure darkness and tend to absorb the light around them. It takes great leadership to handle these types, but they can become fiercely loyal if befriended.